Elon Musk Plans to Establish a New Town outside Texas City

To provide comfortable and cozy housing for his employees, Elon Musk is planning to establish a new town, dubbed “Texas Utopia,” outside of Texas City. According to the people familiar with the matter, Musk will use the thousands of acres of farm and pasture land outside Texas for the proposed new town.

According to the latest news gathered from the US news website, Musk, and his employees outlined their vision of establishing a new town along the side of the Colorado River. Musk held discussions with Boring Co.’s executives about incorporating a town at a distance of 35 kilometers from Austin, in Bastrop County. He is free to expedite plans, construct the town, and establish his regulations.

Employees of Texas, Boring, and SpaceX to live in a new town

According to the people familiar with the discussions, Musk, and his executives want employees of Tesla, Boring workers, and SpaceX to live in the new town. The employees will be asked to pay rent at below-market rates.

The proposed town will be close to the under-construction facilities of SpaceX and adjacent to Boring. The facilities at the site include a gym, an outdoor sports area, a pool, and a set of modular homes. Musk asked the employees to build faster boring machines when he initiated the tunneling venture. According to information available on a leading news website in the US, the president of Boring, Steve Davis, and other employees had bigger plans, even to create a city.

Under a law in Texas, at least 201 people must reside in a town to apply for a permit for an establishment. A county judge’s approval is also needed before proceeding with building a town. According to a spokeswoman for Bastrop County, Musk has not applied for incorporation. A computer programmer, Chap Ambrose, who is residing on a hilltop close to SpaceX, said Musk keeps such plans secret until they materialize.

Chap used drones to collect information

Chap is engaged in gathering information from the county about how the R&D and tunneling machine testing would affect the groundwater in that location. He used drones to collect information about SpaceX and Boring and their structures and what they intended to produce in those facilities. YouTube videos and drone footage show tunnel construction between SpaceX and Boring.

In the most recent BNN news, the entities belonging to the companies of Musk and his executives acquired around 3,500 acres of land in the Austin region in the past three years. However, Musk owns over 6,000 acres of land, according to local land and real estate officials.

Four limited liability companies tied to the businesses of Musk or his officers have acquired the land in Texas. The project will also construct a private residential complex for Musk. It will be at some distance from the planned town in Texas.

Labor and environmental requirements are fewer in Texas. Also, individuals need not pay capital gains taxes in Texas. It does not collect corporate tax, unlike in California. In a communiqué last month, Tesla claimed expansion in California. It has established its engineering headquarters in Palo Alto. However, it maintains corporate headquarters in Texas.

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