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Everything You Need To Know About Selling On Microsoft’s Marketplace Azure


The world is changing rapidly and shifting its focus to cloud computing infrastructure. By moving their products and services on the cloud, organizations are free from the mess of having a server and constantly maintaining it to its top form.

In addition to that, the cloud marketplace has offered the business an option where they can enjoy the cloud computing services without investing anything in the hardware, equipment, and maintenance of the on-premises data center. Additionally, companies can benefit from specialized training programs like Azure training in Chennai to enhance their cloud computing capabilities. To know more about how this cloud marketplace works, click here.

Microsoft Commercial Marketplace

Microsoft commercial marketplace is a marketplace for the solutions offered by the individual software vendors. The individual software vendors use the Microsoft marketplace to reach out to audiences and market their business.

Here the individual software vendors partner with the Microsoft commercial marketplace and get the opportunity to create, manage and publish the offers in the commercial marketplace.

There are two online stores on the commercial marketplace: Microsoft AppSource and Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft AppSource

If your business is related to SaaS services, Microsoft AppSource is the best way to showcase your products and services. It is automatically extended to Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, and the other Microsoft power platforms by showcasing your product and services.

Microsoft Azure

This online store is suitable for built-in services or services that are directly linked with the cloud marketplace. This service is solely intended for software developers and professionals. Azure marketplace lists all the services and manages them effectively. Whenever a user is looking for some relevant services, the Azure marketplace suggests the best services that match their queries.

Is There Any Difference Between AppSource & Azure?

If you look at it as a customer, there is nothing that needs to be highlighted. Both the platform is an online store and offer something relevant to what the user is looking for. But if you are an individual software vendor and are at the division where you need to decide where to market your product or services, this question might be very important.

If we look at AppSource, it is more of a commercial solution that offers its services to other companies. You can even state that it offers a B2B solution.

However, the Azure marketplace includes IT professionals and software developers who have built solutions on the Azure marketplace.

Why Sell On Azure Marketplace?

If you have a business and are looking for an opportunity to collaborate with the other business for the best results, the Azure marketplace is the platform. It allows the individual software vendors to market and expose their products and services to a wider bandwidth of audiences.

As the commercial marketplace is available in the 141 regions, it gives the vendors an opportunity to reach out to a new audience that might like what you have to offer.

The Microsoft marketplace is very professional in what they do or offer. You will be shocked to know that they even manage tax payments in different countries and provide access to the global network of sellers.

How Can Customers Engage With The ISV Offers?

There are different ways a customer can engage with the ISV and purchase what they have to offer. The following will give a better understanding.

  • If you are looking for a solution that can be provided automatically, if you have the right license to avail of the services or products, you can simply get it from the Azure marketplace.
  • There are test drive features that offer the customers to try the services before making their purchase decision.
  • There are simple listings on the Azure marketplace that generate leads for the ISV, and the vendors can simply reach out to the customers.

Are Refunds Supported With The Azure Marketplace?

Yes, refunds are available in the Azure marketplace. However, you need to have certain conditions under which the refunds can be done.

  • Refunds requests can be made within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Similarly, if you billed annually, refunds can be requested within 14 days.

Note: Refunds are not issued with the variable charging.

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