Exquisite pairings: Dining table & chair combos you’ll love!

Designing and decorating the dining room is tricky. Yet, it is one of the most important rooms in a house where guests and family bond over scrumptious meals. While dining room furniture design styles may run the gamut, the most crucial pieces are dining tables and chairs. 

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A common conundrum faced by homeowners is whether to purchase pre-designed dining room sets or opt to source a dining table with complementary chairs. It may sound overwhelming and time-consuming to figure out how to perfectly pair a dining table and chairs, but it can be done. 

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To help, here are a few suggestions to make it easy for you to pair a dining table with coordinating chairs. Keep reading to also find a few ideas to get you inspired. 

Tips for perfectly pairing dining chairs and tables 

  • Start by selecting the dining table 

The dining table is the foundation of the dining room, and everything else must be decorated around the table. Therefore, you need to first pick the table and then the chairs, not the other way around. 

As the dining table is a large piece of furniture, it is vital that you get it right according to your functional needs. Therefore, you need to first decide on the shape and size of the table by visiting a dining table showroom in Kolkata. If your dining room is small in size, an oval or round table might be ideal for you. However, you can opt for a rectangular table if you need to fit six or more people around the table. 

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After the size and shape of the dining table are decided, you need to consider the materials. The most common dining tables are made of wood, but you can also opt for more opulent and decorative, such as glass or marble. If you are looking for a material that is easy to clean, check out dining tables made of composite wood. 

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Then, you have to choose the style of the dining table and ensure that it matches the overall dining room decor. For example, if the dominant theme is mid-century, you can choose a mid-century-style dining table. Or, you can opt for a modern dining table if you want to showcase your stylish personality through the dining room decor. 

If you need more guidance in selecting the dining table, you must go through a dining table buying guide or speak to the staff at the furniture showroom. 

  • Don’t bring home matching sets 

When furniture pieces are coordinated, the room looks best. The same goes for dining rooms and even bedrooms and living rooms. It would help if you avoided overly matching furniture sets. Of course, if you purchase matching sets, you wouldn’t have to worry about the right chairs that will pair with the table. But it will make your dining room appear outdated. 

By piecing together coordinating dining room tables and chairs, you can create a unique look that highlights your style and personality. 

  • Select chairs that are of a different color than the table 

When picking out chairs to match your dining table, it is ideal for inviting contrast. As dining tables and chairs dominate the visual space in a dining room, you wouldn’t want them to be of the same color. It will make the room’s decor feel visually heavy. 

It would help if you broke up the sameness by choosing different colors. You will ensure the room feels layered, curated, and interesting by doing so. 

So, keep this in mind when looking for a modern dining table and chairs for your dining room. Try to create layers so you can create a space of visual interest and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. 

  • Choose the right materials for your dining tables and chairs 

Mixing the colors is great, but you can go a step ahead and opt for different dining chair materials to add additional contrast. Typically, the less similar your materials feel, the more eclectic or bolder your space will appear. 

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For instance, you can combine a wood table with an elegant cane or bamboo chair. It will feel cohesive and even add a pop of visual interest. Both materials have a similar vibe, and they’re natural. On the other hand, a marble table with gorgeous velvet chairs will create a bold statement and bring a lot more contrast to your space. 

Want a few dining table and chairs combination examples to feel inspired? Take a look below. 

  • Marble dining table with opulent velvet chairs 

Velvet and marble are both sophisticated, modern materials. When they are paired together, they create an accentuated look. The beautifully sleek marble contrasts beautifully with the textured look of the velvet. 

The combination can add the required drama to your dining room. 

  • Wood dining table with leather chairs 

You can pair a sleek wooden dining table with leather chairs for a modern and hip look. To add more contrast, choose leather dining chairs with dark metal legs. 

The combination of leather chairs with a wooden dining table works well with mid-century or Scandinavian dining room decors. If you want to create an industrial-style appeal while enhancing the warmth and comfort of the dining room, you can opt for this combination. 

  • Wooden dining tables with slipcover dining chairs 

Warm wood dining tables with linen chairs are a foolproof dining room look because you get a built-in contrast in the color, material and textures. The chairs lend a plush and soft appeal, while the wood dining table lends a rustic vibe. It is the perfect level of contrast for any dining room decor. 

So, if you are longing for dining table and chair combinations for your beautiful home, this guide should inspire you and help you put together the right pieces.

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