Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Many people want to find pets that don’t need any care. Only those animals can fit their hectic lives. That is a completely wrong opinion. Often these people have little experience of caring for animals, as most dogs require some level of care. Some breeds are low maintenance, but they still need to be taken care of.

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There are dogs that don’t need much daily maintenance but rather only need to be bathed or groomed once or twice a month. The trick is to find the low-maintenance pup that will give you years of enjoyment. You won’t have to bother much about grooming and exercising. All you need is to make sure that you keep your pet free from the daily stresses that make their life unfulfilled.


The French Bulldogs fall into the low-maintenance category. They need very little care in terms of fur and bathing. They have short, shiny hair, so you probably won’t see these dogs shedding. Occasional brushing and bathing every few weeks is all they need.

A great thing about French Bulldogs is their intelligence and whimsical temperament. They require early training in terms of obedience, but they are not fans of physical activities. These small dogs enjoy walking around the block, but they won’t run and play around all the time. They would rather do that inside when they are not too tired or bored.

Because they are low-maintenance and tend to be affectionate toward children, these pups are ideal for families with small children. A well-socialized Frenchie will make a great family pet and a good keeper.

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Greyhounds have the reputation of being high-energy dogs with a strong drive to chase. Their elegance is generally known, as they belong to one of the oldest breeds. Hounds are good hunters, but chasing is not their main purpose. These dogs have become accustomed to living inside, and today, they enjoy a lazy lifestyle with occasional fetches and walks.

All types of Hounds live quite a long time. Despite the lower level of activity (if they live in an apartment), most Greyhounds maintain an enviable condition for a long time. These pups are very adaptable to your lifestyle, so they will equally enjoy running outside and lying on the couch.

These dogs make great pets because they are very calm, gentle animals who only need to be brushed and bathed about once or twice a week. You won’t find them hard to train because these dogs have natural intelligence and a desire to please their humans. During the walk, they will usually stay close to you, waiting for your next command.


Many people who have too much experience with pets think that big dogs always need a large space where they can play and run. And then you get a Mastiff and realize it’s not all about size. Mastiffs are dogs that will get your heart, and you’ll love them because of their low-energy level and not much endurance.

At an early age, these pups are playful and friendly toward humans and animals. But when they get older, they become more passive but still easy-going. You can leave them on a couch and find them in the same spot after a few hours. Don’t worry; it’s all good with them. They are just lazy couch potatoes.

Like all large breeds, Mastiffs can have problems with the spine and joints. So, it’s necessary to maintain a certain level of activity. On this link, see how to train lazy pups. Aside from that, this breed is characterized by good health even in later years.


Another well-suited low-maintenance dog breed is the Chihuahua. These tiny dogs are incredibly social and comfortable pets that only require a bath and some physical activity every day. Don’t force them to go for long walks; they would rather nap on their pillow or in your lap.

This breed is characterized by reasonably good health. Chihuahuas have short hair that helps minimize problems with their skin. The level of activity is lower than in other breeds of dogs, which is good on the one hand because that reduces the risk of bone diseases and injuries. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let Chihuahuas become too lazy, as they may have weight issues.


Who would say? The first association of Poodles is probably snobbish behavior, fancy hairstyles, and bows on top of their tails. But Poodles are much more than that. They make great pets if you know how to train them from an early age.

It is somewhat true that the fur of these dogs must be treated regularly, but the great thing about them is that they are hypoallergenic. With regular brushing, the shedding will be kept to a minimum. Grooming and clipping are a must every month to prevent mats and knots. You should know about the most important things called Golden retriever.

This dog breed is good with kids and very affectionate towards them. But they can be very stubborn and inflexible, so make sure that you are ready to handle them. When they lack proper socialization, Poodles may become possessive if they feel threatened by other humans or pets. The perfect way to find the dog for life, so you have to visit this site 

Remember that every dog has its own unique personality. You just need to find the breed that suits your lifestyle. As long as you are willing to make an effort to provide the proper nutrition and levelof activity to your pet, you can enjoy a great and loyal companion.

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