Filing a Car Accident Claim? Don’t Trust the Insurance Company

If a person gets hurt because of another person’s negligence, the former may be eligible for compensation. A car accident claim is often resolved through an insurance claim. But, victims of car accidents must be cautious when dealing with insurers. No matter how friendly insurance representatives may seem, they are focused on their company’s bottom line. Thus, if you are one of these victims, know that these companies will not look out for your best interest. But, you can avoid falling into their trap by working with an experienced idaho car accident attorney who will help your recover the maximum compensation you deserve for the harm caused to you. A personal injury is quite devastating to your health and financial future, so you should not settle for less than you deserve. The following are the reasons you must not trust insurance companies when it comes to your car accident claim and take Understanding Auto Insurance matters seriously.

They Will Make a Lowball Settlement Offer

Because of the serious injury you have sustained, you are probably experiencing a financial crisis. You may require extensive and costly medical treatment and you cannot return to work due to the physical limitations your injury has caused. Because of this, you may feel desperate for financial compensation. 

The insurance company of the negligent party has handled several claims, which means they know exactly how you feel. Also, it will do everything to avoid paying out more compensation than it has to. Thus, insurance companies tend to quickly make an offer to settle claims. However, these offers are usually far less than what you deserve. The amount may not be enough to cover your current medical expenses that arise because of your accident injury or your future care needs. 

They Won’t Run Out of Reasons to Deny Your Claim

As insurance companies have been handling claims for years, they have built strategies they can use against claimants to deny the claims they file. They may associate your injury to a pre-existing condition or shift the blame to you, saying your negligence caused the crash. 

Because you might not be sure about your rights and the legitimacy of your claim, you must discuss your case with a skilled lawyer. The best attorney to hire can help you determine if they can overturn a denial. 

They May Drag Your Case

Although insurance companies may try to make a quick settlement offer, they may also drag your case until the statute of limitations begins to run out. This way, you and your attorney will have less time to prepare for a lawsuit. They may not respond to counteroffers and phone calls you may make to them.

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