Best Ways to Use a Floor Scrubber for Long span use

A floor scrubber is a floor cleaning device that ranges from simple tools such as floor mops or floor brushes to walking behind or riding on machines and is used to effectively and efficiently clean floors.

This article details exactly how one can use the floor scrubber. This content is essential to anyone looking forward to purchasing the device.

The key to cleaning commercial hard floors more effectively and safely involves knowing how to use an auto floor scrubber. It enables one to get the best cleaning outcomes and avoids damaging floors and equipment. Damage will result in expenses that can be avoided in the long run.

Some of the things needed before thoroughly cleaning a facility’s hard floor are; personal protective equipment (face masks, gloves, eye protection), materials (wet floors, caution signs), cleaning supplies (neutral floor cleaners), and equipment (automatic floor scrubber).

One should follow the following steps to clean your hard floors using a floor scrubber;

Prepare the area

This preparation is done by cleaning the area by removing any objects that may obstruct the path of the auto scrubber. After that, place a cautionary sign so that the occupants of the building know that your floors will be wet; hence avoid the areas.

Vacuum floors

Vacuuming the floors removes soil, dirt, or debris and reduces the auto scrubber’s wear and tear. Another essential thing to be taken into consideration is to use a vacuum cleaner that is HEPA filter equipped.

Prepare the auto scrubber

After thoroughly prepping the floors, the Aico floor scrubber should be prepared by; filling the solution tank with water and the appropriate cleaning solution, attaching the correct floor pad, attaching a squeegee blade, and adjusting the controls of the auto scrubber.

Scrub the floors

Power on the auto floor scrubber machine with the squeegee blade lowered to the ground. While cleaning, start from the innermost side of the floor, making single pauses. It would be best if you also made slow wide sweeping turns with the machines so that the squeegee can recover all the cleaning solutions from the floor.

Drain the Aico floor scrubber tanks

The aico scrubber has a drain hose that is used to empty the recovery tank into a mop bucket or sink. In case there is no drain hose, drain the tank manually.

Emptying the tank reduces the chance of sludge-like mixtures forming on the bottom of the tank. After doing all these:

  • Rinse the tank of the auto scrubber.
  • Please leave it to dry.
  • Remove the squeegee blade and the pad and clean them thoroughly.


If you follow the steps above, you will have an easy cleaning process that will save you time and make your environment more appealing. This floor scrubbing machine.

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