First Time in Croydon

For those not from England or who have never been to Croydon before, you will undoubtedly wonder what it’s like to be here. Croydon in South London is located in Surrey county. It is situated 15.3 km south of Charing Cross and is located between London and the south coast of England. It is also one of the most significant commercial districts of Greater London outside the area of Central London.

Croydon has a freshness about it. While it seems nice to live in London, there is always the hustle with commuter-rush and crowded spaces to contend with. Not so in Croydon. There’s much more space here, more fresh air to breathe and lots of friendly people around you.

At the same time, it’s not a sleepy town! There is a lot of real buzz here, filled with excitement and countless things to do if you feel bored. Top that with a very vibrant nightlife, which is more than you could expect in a place like Croydon. There are lovely eating places, well spread-out malls and shopping areas, entertainment centres, health spas and a very professional business area.

When moving to Croydon, you should consult creditable immigration solicitors in Croydon and ensure all your visas, documentation, and paperwork are in order. If you plan to work to start a business here, you would need all the relevant documentation.

Let us help you with a few things to do when you visit Croydon for the first time.

Few of the lovely places you could visit in and around Croydon :

Museum of Croydon:

located on the upper ground floor within the Croydon Clocktower arts facility in Central Croydon, which displays and exhibits historical, cultural and natural artefacts. Another gallery on the lower ground floor of this museum displays Roman, Anglo and Anglo-Saxon collections.

Wandle Park:

It is an 8.5-hectare (21-acre) park located in the Broad Green Ward of Croydon, and the River Wandle flows through it. The park is used by local families for dog walking, football, jogging, skateboarding and other leisurely activities.

Whitgift Shopping Centre:

This is a large shopping area in the town centre.

Shirly Windmill:

This windmill was built by Richard Alwen in 1854 and is a five-storey brick tower. It is 21 Ft. in diameter at the base and 11 Ft. in diameter at the curb with a height of 55 Ft. till the top. It has a lot of historical and heritage importance for Croydon.

Selsdon Wood Nature Reserve:

A huge naturally green nature park for long strolls and leisure activities.

Blue Heritage Plaques:

There are a lot of unique blue plaques placed strategically all over Croydon. These plaques celebrate the inspiring people who spent their entire lives here. They also serve as a reminder of their legacy.

There are many more attractions and places to visit depending on what you would like to do and see.

If you are an ale lover and in Croydon, be sure to visit a few charming pubs and watering holes. The Oval Tavern is a quirky yet traditional pub that is family-friendly and located in a quiet residential area just a stone’s throw away from the Station. Then there is the Dog and Bull, believed to be Croydon’s oldest pub, which, from the outside, might look a run-down type of place but inside, it is well-lit, airy and friendly.

There are excellent transport links, excellent restaurants and well-developed shopping areas. You are also not too far from the countryside plus you are only 15-20 mins away from Victoria Station and London Bridge. It is much more affordable. In a way, Croydon is back on-trend. Of late, Croydon has become the discovery place of fashion lovers.

If you are looking for travelling in and out of London, especially for those quick getaways through Gatwick, this is the place. There are two main cinemas in Croydon, Vue in central Croydon and one in Purley way. There is also a Board Game Cafe, which is a lot of fun. Croydon has a very friendly-people vibe with an overwhelming sense of community living. You will find people here very helpful and willing to talk to strangers.

In a manner of speaking, Croydon is a really great place to live and is very conveniently located. Weather-wise, it does not rain here every day. But, for the most part of the year, you can undoubtedly think of enjoying your coffee outside on a nice day. You can look forward to a great time in Croydon.

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