Explained: Why have the used KTM bikes made a Big Name in Bangalore

When the Austrian motorcycle brand KTM started its journey in the Indian two-wheeler market little did we know that this brand would become so much prominent in the shortest amount of time possible. Due to the efficiency and performance of KTM bikes the company soon reached the equal ground with the Japanese and European bike manufacturer brands.

The bikes manufactured by KTM give an outrageous performance on the road in addition to their attractive charm and incredible speed. This Austrian brand has an extensive range of collections in the Indian two wheeler market competing with the other notable brands. Surprisingly, KTM as a brand has also made a name for itself in Bangalore where the demand for bikes is very high.

KTM is one of the finest sportbike manufacturers in the entire two wheeler market.

Why are the KTM bikes so famous in the Indian two wheeler market?

The Love of KTM Dukes is exceptional among Indians. The madness about the bikes of this brand is so much that a lot of times riders have to wait for a significant amount of time in order to get their hands on a brand new KTM bike. Even the second hand KTM bikes have a massive demand as well as resale value in the market.

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Reasons why KTM bikes are famous all over India

Let us discuss the reasons why KTM bikes have so much demand in the Indian two wheeler market.

Extremely attractive bike design

Each and every motorcycle manufactured by this Austrian two wheeler company has two main significance. The first one is an extremely stylish design and the second one is on-road performance. With the presence of KTM bikes in the Indian market, the two wheeler industry of the country has become much more diverse. The 150CC bikes have become very common for the standard commuters.

KTM bikes have a multitude of 200CC, 400CC, 390CC, 650CC, 1250CC engines that can provide the Indian bike riders with an amazing and safe riding experience even in the streets of Bangalore. The used KTM bikes in Bangalore also don’t fall short in terms of performance. Moreover, the performance-to-price ratio of the KTM bikes is far better than its close competitors in the Indian two wheeler market.

Top-edge features

The exclusive features of the KTM bikes are another fundamental aspect apart from its engine and performance. The KTM Duke bikes are specially equipped with avant-garde motorcycle components and equipment. All of these bike components and equipment combined significantly increase the overall performance of the bikes.

Based on its ability to perform the price tag of the KTM Duke bikes are on the higher side but you can look for used KTM bikes in Bangalore if you don’t want to purchase a brand new one. Some of the advanced features of the KTM bikes include handlebars crash guards, ABS bike standard, trellis frame, comprehensive instrument console, backlit switchgear, steel braided lines for brakes, projector headlamps with LEDs, indicators on the rear view mirror, etc.

All of the bikes and spare parts of KTM Duke are manufactured in India.

Dynamic riding experience

The weight of the KTM Duke bikes, the big engines and the phenomenal power of the bike make it an outstanding vehicle in comparison to the other available bikes on the market. Although the engine of the bikes is large, all the two wheelers of this brand have a smooth weight ratio. The KTM bikes also have a suspension set up to provide the ideal riding experience to the Indian bike riders.

Full-scale service and sales network

In comparison to the other existing premium two wheeler manufacturers available in the country, KTM has successfully reached the corners of India. It has been able to establish sales and service networks all over the country while successfully providing incredible services and accessibility to its customers.

Spare parts are available at a very low cost

Usually, most of the sportbikes have lots of maintenance costs along with the highly valued spare parts but KTM is an exception in this regard. All the KTM bikes are manufactured in India and the spare parts of this two-wheeler brand are also mass produced locally.

This is how the Austrian two wheeler manufacturer has been able to significantly reduce the production cost of its bikes and their spare parts. The instruments of the bikes can be easily replaced because they are evenly accessible. The KTM Duke bikes also have similarities with CBUs and the assembled features are also produced in India.

KTM has brought out a total of four two wheelers in the Indian automobile market and these four include KTM Duke 200, RC 200, RC 390, and Duke 390. All of these bikes are under the 200 to 400 CC engine bracket with a proven and effective performance from the riders. 

According to the price ratio, these bikes can be considered one of the most formidable commuter bikes. If you think that the price of the bike is a tad bit too much for you then you can simply look for used KTM bikes in Bangalore. This way you will be able to avail the KTM bike of your choice at a budget price.

KTM as a two wheeler motorcycle brand has made enough name in the Indian market. Therefore, the price of the bikes is very high, and even getting your hands on a second hand KTM Duke is not an easy feat. 

Nevertheless, Beepkart is here to relieve you of your worries and assist you in getting used KTM bikes in Bangalore at an affordable price in addition to that you will also receive a 1-year warranty on your purchased two wheeler. If you are looking for a second hand KTM bike visit Beepkart today.

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