GAN 356 Air SM – What’s New?

The GAN Air SM is the successor to the gan 356 Air UM. This new cube features a unique honeycomb design and a magnets locking system. It’s fast right out of the box and comes with the complete set of 7 GES V2 spring components. It also comes with a plastic adjusting tool and a GAN VIP card. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Magnetic replacement

The GAN 356R is the company’s flagship 3×3 and the first magnetic replacement system. This system allows users to change the strength of magnets on the corners and edges within 30 seconds. The GAN Magnetic System offers strong magnets, medium magnets, and null magnets. The GAN Air SM is also tunable. Its patented design eliminates visible seams and provides a smooth side face.


The new GAN Air SM is an evolution of the GAN Air UM on the gan sm site. It features a streamlined design, a new GES-spring system, and a complete set of seven GES V2 spring components. This cube feels fast and responsive right out of the box. It comes with a plastic adjusting tool and a VIP card. It’s also very lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around.

Anticipated successor

The GAN 356 Air SM was the anticipated successor to the GAN 356 Air UM. The new SM has a honeycomb design, which allows it to retain lube. Its unique shape allows for a higher level of flexibility and comfort. Its compact size makes it perfect for backpacking and hiking. The Gan 356 Air SM is also available in the magnetic version. All these products are available online.


The GAN Air SM is a cube with four colors. The new SM features an updated core and GES-springs for a more comfortable feel. The GAN Air SM offers a full-cutting cube with a 56mm diameter. It also features a tunable spring system based on the Circular-Square Corner feet. Apart from its GES-springs, the new Air TM’s patented design has a smooth side face and concealed seams.

Honeycomb design

The GAN 356 Air SM is the successor of the GAN 356 Air UM. It features a patented honeycomb design that is supposed to retain lube. The SM is soft and offers a smooth side face. Moreover, it is available in different colors and designs. The GAN356 Air SM comes with a tunable spring, which allows you to fine-tune its performance.


Besides the GAN 356 Air SM, the GAN356 Air SM was released in November 2017. It features a slight change in the core design. It uses a new elasticity system and a honeycomb design. The cube is not disassembled but is manually assembled after manufacturing. This is an essential feature for the cube to last longer. This cube is not only easy to handle but also durable.

Improved core

The GAN 356 Air SM is the successor of the GAN 356 Air UM. The new cube has an improved core and GES-springs. It also features a honeycomb design. It is fast right out of the box. You get the complete set of 7 GES V2 spring components, a plastic adjusting tool, and a VIP card. If you’re a fan of the GAN cube, be sure to check out the new website!


The GAN 356 Air SM and gan 354 m are the successor to the GAN 356 Air UM. It is soft and features a honeycomb design for better lube retention. It is similar to the GAN 356 Air UM but has a honeycomb-shaped shell. It’s ideal for those who like to climb mountains. While the GAN 356 SM isn’t a world record breaker, it is an enjoyable puzzle.

Final Remarks:

The GAN 356 Air SM has 48 built-in magnets. These are placed on the inside corner and edge pieces. They point towards each other and snap layers into place when they’re close enough. While it doesn’t have a magnetic system, the magnets on the GAN 356 Air SM are still strong enough to help you control the cube even when turning it very quickly. The magnets are secured so you won’t lose them.

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