Great Reasons to Believe in Astrology

Astrology is rapidly growing in popularity around the world. From the proliferation of websites, major magazines, and numerous articles talking about sun signs and Mercury Retrograde, to celebrities discussing intention-setting full moon rituals — Astrology is now everywhere.

In antiquity, ancient civilizations considered astrology and astronomy one and the same. Our ancestors stared at the sky and attached spiritual and symbolic significance to the planetary bodies, stars, and natural occurrences in the sky. It was believed that there was a close link between terrestrial phenomena and the movement of the stars. So much so, that astrologers were permanent fixtures of royal courts and kingdoms in many cultures. Over time, astrology has now developed into a metaphysical science of sheer complexity and sophistication to captivate the world and fascinate people with its endless depth and sheer accuracy using one’s birth charts.

Astrologers are now accessible all over the world and there are many different types. For example Vedic astrology can be explored with top astrologers in Mumbai and Pune. Vedic astrology is very popular in South Asia and growing in recognition in the US as well.

In the US, there are some options, but this looks to be a good Astrologer who does birth chart readings.

Allows you to know more about yourself

To study astrology is to want to get to know yourself better. This is often a lifelong journey and a worthy one. This starts with an understanding of the basics such as the sun sign, ascendant and moon which form one of the core aspects of an astrological natal chart. Apparently the sun sign relates to the core nature of our being or the role we are meant to play in this lifetime while the Ascendant, or “rising sign,” relates to how we navigate this world. Oftentimes people can perceive us through these traits. And finally the moon sign represents out inner being, emotions and primal side. 

And there are planetary bodies stars and other celestial bodies which have a strong influence on the chart as well. Astrologers ascribe meanings to all of these elements.

In this way, astrology sheds light on our qualities and strengths as well as our flaws and weaknesses. By focusing on in-depth interpretations of your astrological sign, you will have a deeper understanding of your behavior. In other words, astrology is proving to be an excellent tool for personal development. It builds awareness, self-confidence and soul evolution. The most skeptical will be surprised to learn that even some psychologists study astrology to understand and analyze human behavior. One of the most well-known being, Carl Jung, who had a life long interest in it.

Useful for understanding others

While astrology allows you to learn more about yourself, it can also be a tool to understand how you interact with others, and thus the behaviors of those around you. Whether it’s a family member, friend, romantic partner, or coworker, you can see who you attract and why. It can be a tool to understanding how the dynamics or your personality mesh with other personalities and how to improve it.

Also by referring to their astrological signs, you will learn to decode their character and motivations and to better communicate through understanding. Not only will it help you in your interpersonal relationships but it will help increase your empathy and awareness. 

Useful for understanding your Life Purpose

Not only does Astrology analyze your character, strengths, and weaknesses, it gives you insights into your life purpose and the talents you have been both with. Many people struggle with finding their life purpose and Astrology becomes a powerful tool to uncover this. Our life purpose is tied to the inherent strengths and weakness shown in our birth chart. 

It Can Be a Guide for the Future

While astrology can be a great way to provide answers to questions about the self and others, it can be a great way to anticipate probable future events. In this way, we are prepared and ready for what the universe throws at us, armed with prior knowledge. Astrology here, will help us tame our fears and deal with difficult situations. But we still have to accept the changes and take up the challenge that the stars throw at us.

So…are you now interested in astrology? You can consult astrologers in USA online. Good luck!

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