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People suffer major hair loss issues due to hormonal changes, medication, disease, and inheritance. Wigs come from two primary materials, human hair and synthetic hair. Many types of wigs are beneficial for users as they save time because they can be set up easily by yourself or at a saloon within hours and minutes. Here we will be discussing three major types of wigs, their benefits, and what makes them special.

 Human hair bundles

Choosing human hair bundles is like being comfortable in your skin. It enhances your elegant look and one looks more natural by providing you with instant volume, and bouncy and thick hair which one would struggle to have normally. The dream of your perfect hairstyle can be achieved now by the use of hair bundles as they provide viable styling options like heating, straightening, permed, and curling and can be utilized numerous times unlike synthetic extensions because they can be washed, treated, and even dyed to match your outfit and elegance. Hair demands a lot of attention, care, time, and patience so by using hair extensions, the length of your hair is easily managed and split ends are easily eliminated thus maintaining a healthy and vibrant look throughout. If you are running low on time, have to rush to an event immediately, and don’t have time to deal with all the shenanigans, then having hair bundles will make your life much easier than you can fathom. Just clip in your chosen hair extensions and you are good to go. Choosing the right hair bundle that matches your current hair or closely resembles your ethnicity is quite essential. Your excitement over them is justified but while doing so don’t forget something important like the budget you have for them because they are different price ranges for the quality you want to be equipped with. in To blend in completely, they are available in many varieties like:

  • Asian
  • Mongolian,
  • Brazilian
  • European,
  • Indian
  • Malaysian

Headband wigs

If you are a Gossip Girl fan and you want to carry yourself with utter class and dignity and even have the same hairstyle as the protagonist, Blair Waldorf then headband wings are the right choice for you. They cover the comfort quota for ladies without harming the quality of their hair at all and give users options on what they want to do with their hair as to which part of their hair would be tucked or left out. Having regular wigs to get them paired with headbands is different from headband wigs. With the use of these wigs, hair glues become out of the equation thus protecting one’s hair and the entire focus is on style and smoothness, these wigs present. One would be critical to handle a wig by themselves before attending an important event, nevertheless, this is where these hair extensions plunge in. They are designed to not only provide comfort to users but are pretty easy to handle. They are lightweight unlike regular wigs, and are sweat proof no matter how hot it gets. No need to rush to the saloon to get them fixed thus saving a tremendous amount of time and money. They come in a variety of different styles like wearing them half down-half up, styling them in high ponytails or top knots and prices. Either you can wear one that matches all your outfit’s contrasts or even be specific about it.

Deep wave wigs

It would not be wrong to say that a woman is defined and noticed by her hair. Nowadays, deep wave wigs are excessively utilized and are tremendously famous as they enhance the self-confidence of girls and ladies of all ages. It targets your ethnic natural human texture. It can be styled in many ways like straight, wavy, or curly. It resembles your hair in tremendous ways adding volume and shiny fullness to them but it has a tighter curl. It will drive you to that point where you will take great care of them and maintain them as if they were your hair lasting approximately for 1-year maximum. Not kidding seriously, it is amazing how they play an integral role in our lives. It would not be wrong to say that they are a bit difficult to manage as using cotton pillowcases and sheets will diminish their natural wavy gloss and texture. A normal brush is evidently of no use whatsoever as the curls will loosen easily. In this case, a paddle brush unwound the coils easily while brushing them going from tips to the top of your hair and eventually the roots. Washing them requires effort but since you have gone through this effort all your life it doesn’t surprise you at all. Before showering deep wavers, it needs to be made sure that the strands flow freely then rinse them with mild water. Shampooing them correctly will decide how long the deep wave hair extensions will last. Lastly, before using a brush, a finger comb is preferable to remove tangles.


In a nutshell, this blog aims to help users select their perfect wig and buy from Luvme Hair. The first thing that matters is choosing which one will suit your requirement and resemble your hair more. The second thing that needs to be accounted for is having a rough estimate about your budget, looking over multiple price ranges to know what the market offers so you can decide your premium wig more smoothly and comfortably.

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