How do I use the wireless lavalier microphone?

A wireless lavalier microphone, also known as a Lavalier microphone wireless system or clip microphone, is a small wired microphone widely used in film production and broadcasting. The Lavalier microphone wireless system is small and discreet, so it can be used for recording conversations. It can be used close to the lips without being seen, ensuring clear audio in various recording environments, whether Vlog recording, video reporting, or interview recording.

How to place the Best wireless lavalier microphone?

When placing a Lavalier microphone wireless system, ensure that the microphone is close to the sound source (usually the mouth of the recording object) to ensure the best sound quality. Most wireless lavalier microphones have an all-pointing head, which means they can pick up sound from all directions and are inclusive when recording. Therefore, it is recommended that the microphone be placed on the chest (about 20cm), one hand from the lips, to ensure natural and clean audio pickup.

How do I attach the Lavalier microphone wireless system to the clip?

All Lavalier microphone wireless system come with a clip to attach the microphone to your clothing. These clips can be confusing for first-time users but are quite simple. Remove the windshield from the microphone, clamp the cable clip, insert the microphone into the ring, release the clip, secure the microphone, and slide the windshield to the original position.

Installation of a Best wireless lavalier microphone?

If you’re wearing something with hidden corners, like the lapel of a jacket, the seam of a collared shirt, or the edge of a tie, this is when the wireless lavalier microphone is most convenient to fasten on. Ensure the microphone is kept away from any other clothing that may cause friction, as this may be heard during recording.

But wearing an outfit without hidden corners, such as a tank top or T-shirt, is trickier. Attach the microphone to the neck area, but be aware that if the microphone is located directly below the neck, the sound may be stained and may sound strange. To avoid the sound, wear a loose neckline or place a microphone on either side of your chin.

If you’re wearing a vest, it’s also good to attach Best wireless lavalier microphone to the shoulder strap or just below the headband (if you’re wearing a headpiece). However, make sure the microphone is placed 20 to 30cm away from your mouth, with no clothing friction, and you’ll get decent audio.

How to hide the Best wireless lavalier microphone?

How to hide the microphone cable to make the video look cleaner and more professional? You can hide the microphone directly under your jacket or under your shirt. Medical cloth tape can also attach the cord to the inside of the garment. Strong adhesive is also a good choice.

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