How Easy Will The SBI Clerk Exam Be?

As State Bank Of India Clerk exams are coming closer, candidates who have indulged deep in their preparation are puzzled whether to expect a more tough question paper than last year. According to many pandits, last year’s question papers were one of the toughest question papers in the last few years. The motto of this Clerk exam is to find the most suitable candidate for supervising clerical activities like processing loans and opening bank accounts, providing good customer service and making the overall function of the branch smooth. Many candidates for years have kept the dream of being a SBI Officer, but only a lucky few get the chance of making their dreams come true.  What keeps many Job Seekers to dream about being a SBI Clerk is not only the glamour or power the post have but also various other perks and benefits  such as a house cleaning allowances, staff furnishing schemes, briefcase, book grant, financial dailies, education allowance, eye refraction and other medical expenses, leave fare concession and many more. Glamour, power,salary, benefits all make SBI Clerk exams the most competitive exam as well as one of the toughest exams in the country.

Quantitative Aptitude

Usually Quantitative Aptitude is the easiest  section as it revolves around simple arithmetic questions that we are aware of from school time. If you are good in arithmetic from childhood it would be a piece of cake for you as these sorts of questions do come in clerical level exams. If you are good at calculations and approximation then you can get the total number of 50 questions solved within 25 minutes saving your time and efforts for the next section. Be good with multiplication tables, division and also square roots. Main topics to focus on are Number Series, HCF and LCM, Profit and Loss, Time and Work & Pipe and Cistern, Inequalities, Permutation, Combination & Probability, Speed Distance and Time, Mensuration, Average, Ratio and Proportion. Before the exam make sure you have done a lot of mock tests as it will help you a great deal to improve your speed and accuracy.


Reasoning is the most difficult part of any exam for most students as it consumes a lot of time and a little mistake in understanding questions can make you lose more marks than any other section as it contains multiple questions from a puzzle . Make sure you read the questions with focus and be  patient in case you do not get it quickly. Few questions could be difficult while some could be quite easier to crack without even taking much time.  Always jump to the next question when you are finding questions difficult to understand. Make sure you do a lot of practice tests on round Table Example and Sitting Arrangement questions also mostly blood Relations questions may make you a bit confused, but it is easy. You can expect questions from order and ranking, coding-decoding, inequalities, syllogisms, alpha-numeric-symbol series, data sufficiency, logical reasoning, etc.  Computer Aptitude is generally easy as it contains the same questions most of the time, do many practice and mock tests as it will help you in understanding computer aptitude questions easily.


If you are keeping up with what’s happening around the world in finance, sports, politics etc then this section won’t bother you much as it contains questions from what has been happening around the world in the last six months. Always be updated on what’s happening regarding banking institutions, and what better way to get it than reading newspapers. It is the  best way to stay updated as you will have a good chunk of current affairs related information daily. You have to  make sure  you take notes accordingly. A good knowledge of  National Government Schemes, Financial Terms, Banking Terms, RBI Notifications, Annual Budget, Award, Sports, Book and Author, Science (Inventions and Discoveries), Countries and Capitals, etc will help you score good in this section. .


General English is a section where candidates generally score high because it’s easier to crack than all other sections. If you are good at English then you shouldn’t give this section more than 30 minutes. This section mostly carries questions from fill-in-blank questions, grammar errors, comprehensive paragraphs, sentence arrangement, active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech, idioms and phrases. Remember English is not a tricky language and you can easily study it without much effort if you are really dedicated.


Don’t think too much whether exams will be tough or not, up your game so that even when the exam is tough you will score good marks. Make wings to your dreams.

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