Mistakes to Avoid in Essay Writing

The essay writing process can be simple or challenging depending on how you approach it. Students fail to consider several pitfalls that lead to poorly written essays. Understanding these mistakes is the most effective way of improving your essay writing.

Below are some of the common mistakes to watch out for when writing an essay

1. Having no thesis statement

The thesis statement guides the entire premise of the essay and without it easy to wander off the topic. Think of the thesis statement as a compass without it you are never going to arrive at your destination. Start by fast developing a thesis statement as this will ensure the essay stays on topic.

2. No clear introduction or conclusion

Another cornerstone of the essay writing process is the ability to provide the audience with a clear introduction to the essay and a concluding paragraph that ties in the message or main theme of the essay. From the thesis statement, the student should then move on to developing an introduction paragraph that has a hook and lets the audience know the focus of the essay. The concluding paragraph should restate the thesis statement.

3. Grammatical mistakes

Always proofread the essay to weed out the grammatical mistakes that affect your writing. The more the grammatical mistakes made the lower the quality of your writing. Reading out aloud your paper at least thrice before submission. Ensure each paragraph starts with a topic sentence that introduces the main idea that will be covered in the paragraph

4. No citations

When introducing ideas from other authors or when showing evidence to support the arguments raised in the essay some students forget to include citations. This can be termed as plagiarism.

5. Poor structure

Poor organization and structure of the essay can also be responsible for poor essay writing. Students do not understand the structure of an essay and this includes the introduction. Body and conclusion. Writing an essay without putting into consideration the structure the essay should take is responsible for low quality essay.

The essay writing process is one that must be clearly understood. Academic essay writing companies such as Skilledessays can provide you with the support you need to write quality essays. Get professional resources and help that can help improve your essay writing process.

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