How I’m Celebrating Thanksgiving This Year!

Picking Out the Perfect Turkey

It’s not a good Thanksgiving if the turkey isn’t exquisite!

The first thing I do to prepare for my favorite holiday of the year is search for the perfect bird. It’s such a critical part of any Thanksgiving dinner that, without it, the whole tradition falls apart. At my family’s Thanksgiving dinners, the whole clan has to contribute in some way, and I’m tasked with picking out the perfect centerpiece for the meal, complete with stuffing and gravy.

It’s important to choose a reputable turkey brand; you want a trustworthy source that raises the animal humanely. It’s also good to pay attention to the size of each turkey. If one stands out, I’ll put it in my cart, but will continue to look in case there’s a better option. You can even source a turkey from a local farmer if you want to have one of the most memorable holidays of your life!

Listening To Relaxing Music

There is something magical about setting the Thanksgiving mood.

As the host, I usually choose smooth jazz (thankfully, my family doesn’t mind!). Sometimes, I put on soothing classical piano music. It’s not uncommon, either, to throw on a Christmas record that can thrust everyone into the holiday mood! Simply put, I can’t imagine what Thanksgiving would be like without some good tunes.

It can be a challenge to adjust the volume during a gathering, especially if people are being loud, but in general, I love a vivacious atmosphere and leave the stereo at just about 60-75%.

Enjoying Delicious Food with Family

The part that everyone, including me, most looks forward to? Enjoying all of the food with your friends and family!

I admit that I lack self-control; the feast’s smells and flavors are always overwhelming, and I can’t help taking seconds and thirds. It’s not the nicest feeling to be stuffed before dessert, but I know that I’ll have a slice of my mother’s famous pecan pie anyway (to be fair, it is irresistible).

Enjoying the time with your loved ones is what Thanksgiving is all about. This year will be especially special since I haven’t seen most of the usual suspects in over a year!

Getting A CoolSculpting Session

After all of the food comes the regret, because it’s easy to go overboard and wolf down as much turkey and sweet potato casserole as you can! There’s no shame in being seduced by a fantastic Thanksgiving meal, but there are a few things you can do to prevent weight gain.

This year, I’m going to face the bloating head-on with a professional CoolSculpting session. CoolSculpting freezes the fat off, permanently, so I’ll be able to drop the pounds from Thanksgiving and more! I’ll also be having sessions regularly for the best results.

Who would’ve thought that Thanksgiving could be guilt-free?

Hosting a Wine and Beer Pairing

This Thanksgiving, I’m putting special emphasis on alcohol pairings. There are so many wonderful wines to choose from, not to mention delectable champagnes!

Each dish has its own flavor profile, and it can be fun to explain the various tastes. My house actually has a basement cellar, so it’ll be a pleasure to experiment with the wines I already own!

I’m planning on following this list to make the most out of the pairings.

Beer is also an excellent choice for Thanksgiving dinner; there are heartier ones that can make the meal more savory. I’m also planning to host a few friends just before Thanksgiving, which could be a great opportunity to sip a few beers and taste some turkey!

Fine alcohol is one of the most popular ways to celebrate and is worth the extra calories, especially if, like me, you plan on CoolSculpting that belly away. After all, who doesn’t love a by-the-glass bonding session?

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