How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost in Alabama?

Divorce is probably the toughest phase of life. The day you get married, you also promise your partner that you will be with them forever. If the union does not work out, people tend to put an end to it. 

Sometimes, divorce is the only way a person can move forward and find happiness. In case you have made up your mind about divorcing your partner, it’s about time to sit down and communicate. Divorce isn’t easy – you and your partner need to be on the same page. Finances, child custody, and many more aspects need to be kept in mind while discussing the divorce matter. 

Divorce cases are of two types: contested and uncontested. The uncontested one is when both the parties agree to end their marital union. In a contested divorce, one of the parties refuses to give a divorce. They may not sign the paper or deny the plea for divorce. 

Contested divorce cases can be messy and they go on forever. However, an uncontested divorce does not take as much time. 

If you live in Alabama, you might want to know the cost of an uncontested divorce. Keep reading to find out. 

How does uncontested divorce work in Alabama? 

Uncontested divorces are also known as, ‘no-fault divorces’ in Alabama. It is the easiest method to exit from a marital union. These are also cheap and simple in Alabama. 

If both the spouses finalize that they want to end the union and decide how they want to divide the assets, it will be easy to exit. The agreement can be submitted at the initial stage of the divorce. In case of no contested or unresolved issues, the spouses will be able to get an easy and quick divorce.

You would need a divorce lawyer to do the paperwork and that’s the only thing required in this scenario.  

Uncontested Divorce in Alabama: The Cost 

The cost of no-fault divorces is $390 where no minor children are involved. In the case of minor children, the cost will be $490. 

The case won’t be dragged for years as the couples reach an agreement sooner. You can get in touch with the best uncontested divorce lawyers in Alabama. They will start the paperwork soon and both you and your partner can be out of the marriage soon enough. 

There are efficient firms like the Harris Firm in Alabama that make the process easier. They will ask a few questions, get a view of your marital situation, and then prepare all the paperwork. It will not be a long-drawn process. 

If divorce is the only option for you, don’t wait any longer. Talk to your partner, come to an agreement, and file for a cheap divorce in Alabama. 

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