Due to the lack of innovation in the iPhone’s design, there has been a constant criticism of Apple’s “lack of innovation”, and everyone will always see the negative news of Apple as if Apple is not bankrupt.

However, sales of the iPhone have not yet declined. The number of buyers is increasing day by day. According to the statistics agency, the iPhone captured five of the top ten hot-selling smartphones globally in 2020, along with the top three.

Market statistics firm Media announced the top ten models for global smartphone sales in 2020, with Apple topping the list. Surprisingly, the iPhone 11 became the most popular smartphone in the world last year. The iPhone was released on September 11, 2019, and its colourful design and relatively affordable price have made many users like this phone.

The iPhone 11 in 2020 were 644.8 million units, which is 16.5 million more than the world’s first-ranked iPhone XR in 2015. it shows that the iPhone 11 is more popular than previous models. In second place is the iPhone SE (2020), which was able to sell 24.2 million units in April last year.

It may surprise everyone that the new iPhone SE could achieve such a high sales volume, but the iPhone SE was the second sales model of the iPhone 11 before the iPhone 12 was launched. Netizens have ridiculed the old look and lack of new ideas of ITS SE. However, small screen, high functionality, and relatively low price were the iPhone SE’s main selling points. You can visit this site iPad repair to know about how to repair your cellphone.

However, according to Media’s data, although the sales volume of the iPhone 12 Minute was not as good as other models, it still reached the top ten in the world. The iPhone 12 Mini was launched on November 13 and sold for a month and a half in 2020. It is sporadic to find such results. The iPhone 12 Mini sold is still the envy of many Android flash ships. Considering the new iPhone SE and iPhone 12 Mini from sales, there is still a massive market for small screen phones, which is why Apple has not abandoned small screen models and is continually making them.

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