How online casino gaming habits differ around the world

The online casino industry is a growing international market. The estimated size of online gambling was 66.72 billion US dollars in 2020. Those numbers are expected to rise to 92.9 billion USD by 2023. 

It is also thought that around 26% of the world spend time gambling in some form or other. Online game playing and casino entertainment is a significant part of this. 

But while the draw of online casino is shared across many countries, different worldwide cultures are reflected in the games available.

The following entries highlight the various games, cultures and online habits in countries around the world.


The USA is a sports-loving nation and this fact shows up clearly in the online casino games available.

Slot games are among the most popular of online casino games in the US. The versatile format of arcade style game can take on various themes to appeal to different audiences. 

In the US, slot games often incorporate popular team sports such as baseball into the presentation of the slots. Other sports like basketball and football also get in on the action. 

In terms of culture, the US has been influential in all types of entertainment throughout the world. This can be seen in popular online casino games that use the Wild West theme as a backdrop for all sorts of exciting gaming adventures. Classic iconography such as sheriff badges, cowboy hats and golden horseshoes regularly pop up in Old West styled games.


Online casino games are extremely popular in the UK. While the UK and European gambling market differs greatly from the American one in many respects, in size and growth they share the same advancing numbers. 

Indeed, in the UK the size of the online gambling market is estimated at 3.1 billion British pounds per year. Online casino games make up the majority of this amount, providing 1.9 billion a year. 

As with America, slots are the single most popular style of online casino game. Online sports betting is largely focused on soccer (known as ‘football’ in the UK) and horseracing. The sports also influence the themes of slot games on offer in UK based online casinos. 


In India the most popular team sport by a long way is cricket. The game is well represented in the online casino games on offer in the country. Placing bets on the outcome of cricket matches is a huge industry in India. This has also influenced the casino-style games on offer. 

Slots are also extremely popular in India, with Blackjack, Poker and Roulette also played in big numbers.

Live casino has also recently begun to make an impression in India. Live casino is a new format where the atmosphere and feel of a physical casino is brought out online. Card games take on a more detailed and realistic aspect with real-life dealers communicating with players via the online platform. In India, and across the world, Live Casino is growing in popularity. 


Canadians also love to play online casino games. It is estimated that there are over 19 million active players in the country who play online. Casino table games such as poker are extremely popular with players in the country. 

In Canada, the most popular sport to watch and wager on is ice hockey. Online slots have adapted the sport successfully as one of its popular themes in the country. With NHL themed games proving incredibly popular across the nation, Canadian hockey and slots fans always have a lot to play with. 


German online gamers are set to benefit from the recently approved Interstate Treaty on Gambling. Recently coming into effect from July of 2021, the new legislation has opened up the country to online gaming and new gambling models

The nation will provide unlimited licenses for slots, poker and online casino table games. Sport is a big influence in Germany on themes for games as it is elsewhere. As in the UK, soccer is the number one team sport for spectators and gamblers. This is mirrored in the styles of online arcade and casino games available. 


In Australia, online casino games are extremely popular. The country has enjoyed a more relaxed stance towards online betting and gambling entertainment since the legation of sports betting in the 1980s. 

But even before that, Australia has had a long and rich history of enjoying gambling entertainment. The social part of casino gaming is a big part of its success down under, both in bricks and mortar casinos and online.  

Today, Australians can log into a vast library of online games taking them into the heart of casino action. Slots, known as ‘pokies’ in Australia, are an integral part of the gaming setup. Blackjack, poker and online baccarat are also popular games online, but for many, it is slots that are king. 

Online casino games often have country-specific elements that can further enhance the appeal of gaming in particular parts of the world. By tapping into the diversity of international sporting and gaming traditions, companies can successfully target different audiences.

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