How Solar Panel installation is a great way to access sustainable energy?

Due to the continuous shortage of conventional sources of energy, we are exploring alternative ways to produce electricity using renewable resources. Instead of using limited supplies of fossil fuel and other conventional sources to generate electricity, using renewable and sustainable resources such as Solar Power is a very cost effective and environment friendly alternative. In order to make yourself aware with the advantages of Solar panel for home, we have discussed some major benefits down below:

1. You can sell the excess energy

The major benefit of the solar panel installation is that you can connect to the grid where you can sell the excess electricity which you generate through the solar panel for home. Moreover, the tariff rates for residential solar power are 17 to 27 percent cheaper than the industrial or commercial solar tariff rates.

2. Fast ROI

Another benefit of installing solar panels on the roof top of your house is that it generates a high ROI (Return of Investment). Because it cuts off your electricity bill almost by 50 to 60 percent and thus you save a lot every month. And once it completes its ROI then it’s free for lifetime.

3. The best Investment for the future

It’s not another expense but it’s an investment which helps you save massively on your electricity bills. Even Indian Government has fixed the goal of installing solar power setups producing 100GW of electricity by the final months of 2022.

4. Reduces Carbon Footprints

As we already discussed, solar power is a green source of energy and solar panel installation provides less harm to nature as there is no release of harmful gases and fewer risk of pollution. Unlike the conventional sources of energy such as fossil fuel and generators that work on these fuels release harmful gases in the environment due to the combustion, Solar panels work when the solar light emits on the photoelectric cells.

5. No Annoying Noises

As you already know how noisy the diesel generators are, they produce a noise level between 70dB to 100dB which can easily harm your eardrums if you have to use generators most of the time for any reason. Whilst, solar panels just convert the solar energy to electrical energy without making any noise and thus the electricity is stored in the solar battery.

6. No additional space is required

When thinking about installing solar panels at home, there is no better place than the rooftop where the solar light can emit directly on the surface of solar panels. Because of this you don’t need to spare additional land space for your solar panels as they cover a good extent of area. And there is no point of installing them on the land instead of the rooftop as there would be many objects such as trees, your own house, or other buildings which prevent the sunlight falling directly on the solar panels.

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So, as you can see there are many long term benefits of solar panel for home. You have the support of Indian Government and it is also easy to access the solar panels and get yourself connected to the grid.

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