How to choose the best diapers for your newborn baby

The skin of newborn babies is the most sensitive. This is because they are at an ambient temperature as long as they are inside the womb. Hence the skin is well-nourished as well. But once they are born, babies need extra care for themselves since the skin is still getting used to the external environment. Hence it becomes more vital to choose the best newborn diapers that will be friendly and gentle for their delicate and sensitive skin.

New parents spend countless sleepless nights thinking about how to give the best care for their baby – nutrition, skin care, pee count and potty. The last category is mostly on top of the to-buy list right when the baby is born. However, what kind of diapers you choose for your baby also matters greatly. The choice between disposable newborn diapers and reusable, sustainable cloth newborn diapers is yours to make. But cloth diapers are gaining faster popularity among parents who want to choose a sustainable and mindful product for their babies. In addition, cloth diapers have their benefits.

The Evolution Of Cloth Diapers

Older generations have always vouched for newborn diapers made of cloth. However, there are historical records that state that at a point, disposable diapers made their appearance in markets in the 1940s. The main reason for the arrival of disposable diapers in the market was the shortage of cotton during the World War. Initially, it was cellulose fibres that were used to make diapers. Then, slowly, softer fabrics like rayon were introduced to make it skin-friendly for newborns.

Meanwhile, disposable newborn diapers were considered a luxury in the 1950s. The elite used them only for special functions or events. These diapers were lined with an absorbent tissue paper with the outer cover made of plastic. There were no fasteners in this diaper. By the 1970s, adhesive tapes were introduced to fasten the sides of diapers, and by the 1980s, elastic fasteners came in. These diapers gave shape to the baby bottoms. And today’s modern cloth diapers that you see on the market are a much-evolved version of cloth diapers.

So now that we have covered the evolution of cloth diapers, we’ll see what should new moms and dads look for in a good cloth diaper brand for newborns? Listed below are a few points to check out in a good brand for newborn diapers:

  1. Eco-Friendly Fabric – Good cloth diaper brands line up diapers with hemp or microfiber inserts/linings. The most readily available and skin-friendly material is cotton. However, some parents also prefer woollen diapers or diapers made of bamboo fabric. All these are highly absorbent and skin-friendly. In addition, it helps the baby’s skin breathe well in natural materials. Avoid synthetic or polyester fabrics as those can cause rashes or be harsh on your baby’s skin.
  2. Easily Washable – By the nature of the product, cloth diapers are washable. But you will find a few cheap copies on the market that have an outer cover of pure plastic and are difficult to wash. The plastic tears or gets damaged in a few washes, and these need to be cleaned with hands only. Instead, choose a brand that offers newborn diapers that can be easily tossed into a washing machine without damaging them.
  3. Adjustable – Non-invasive, easy-to-fasten clips/buttons are pre-fitted in diapers to fit the shape of the baby’s bottoms. This is what makes newborn diapers convenient for a new parent!
  4. Waterproof – Cloth diapers need not be plastic or loaded with chemicals to be waterproof and have a good absorption capacity. Modern cloth diapers such as SuperBottoms UNO have a no plastic waterproof layer that makes the diaper waterproof.
  5. Rash-free – A good cloth diaper will have outer and inner materials that don’t irritate the baby’s skin. Since the diaper is always in contact with the baby’s bottoms and rubbing it, skin reddening and boils are possible. So, parents choose more cloth diapers vis a vis disposable diapers for the same reason.

Myths vs Facts About Cloth Diapers

To make your choice of cloth diapers even more fool proof, one needs to understand myths associated with cloth diapers, to be able to avoid letting those cloud your judgement!

  1. They leak a lot – If used well and following directions, newborn diapers will be a breeze.
  2. Difficult to clean – People find it easier to dispose of diapers than wash them. You just need to rinse them well under good flowing water and wash them with cloth diaper-friendly detergents. They don’t even take much time to dry. Once you start using them, it will be a breeze!
  3. Expensive – Over time, disposable diaper brands have drastically reduced their prices and made them affordable for customers. But hidden economics show that parents need more disposable diapers than cloth diapers. Newborn cloth diapers are a one-time investment. You just need to buy them once. All you need to do is wash and reuse the inner inserts and linings. Then, just follow the manual to keep them clean and disinfected.
  4. Delayed milestones – Sounds crazy? Yes, this is one myth a parent heard when she was to start using cloth diapers. Apparently, the child would begin walking late if cloth diapers were used. However, milestones are subjective, and each child has growth cards. Therefore, one child can’t be compared to the other, and cloth diapers have no impact on your baby’s growth or milestones.

And there are many more crazy myths regarding newborn diapers made of cloth, doing the circles on the internet or in the neighbourhood. Well-meaning aunties will advise you about the convenience of disposable diapers since they are easy to dispose of. But think of the long-term effects on the environment too. These are much eco-friendlier and easier to dispose of. Disposable diapers take time to decompose. Think of all those diapers piling up in massive landfills in your city. So, choose wisely! It is the best gift you can give your best friend for her baby!

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