How to Compare PDF on Mac

PDF documents have become quite crucial across the professional space. People consider using PDF format as their primary form of communicating essential documents across places, which goes beyond borders to places across the farthest side of the world. PDF documents for covering such professional work display the need for appropriate tools that would help users manage their documents perfectly.

PDFelement for Mac has provided users with an effective platform that helps them manage their documents to perfection. From creating PDFs to editing them with efficiency, PDFelement has not been a disappointment. The tool has been focused on bringing ease to its consumers, made possible through timely updates. Recently, PDFelement included a new function to compare PDF on Mac.

This article asserts its complete focus on providing users with a distinctive explanation of how they can effectively utilize this function across PDFelement. The article would also feature why this tool is important for users in the practical world, explaining the feasibility of comparing PDFs in detail.

Part 1: Introduction to Wondershare PDFelement – The Versatile PDF Editor

You may have come across many PDF editors while editing PDFs for work. Although these tools seemed perfect, they always lacked some significant features. This is what always led you to find more. Wondershare PDFelement acts as the final stop for you, considering its effective display of features, all in one place. This all-in-one PDF editor introduces itself as the best in the market.

From editing PDFs to numerous other important PDF functions, PDFelement provides users with the best platform for managing their PDFs. Being a versatile and diverse PDF editor, PDFelement is available for its users across desktop, mobile, and online platforms. PDFelement indeed answers the question of being available everywhere to work on. The tool displays an ecstatic amount of features, which can help users manage their PDFs exceptionally.

Major Features of Wondershare PDFelement

The following features explain to readers what makes PDFelement for Mac a great choice amongst the renowned PDF editors of the market.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

PDFelement introduces itself as one of the PDF editors with the simplest interface. With the main functions present across the home page of the platform, users can effectively work across their PDF without any difficulty. PDFelement is highly compatible across the Mac system, making it both efficient and proactive for users to work with.

Multiple Language Support

While providing various tools and functions to manage PDF documents, PDFelement for Mac holds versatility in providing services to different users around the world. The tool supports more than 20 languages across its platform, including English, Portuguese, Japanese, French, making it highly recommended for users worldwide.

Extensive Functions

PDFelement for Mac is known for its variety of tools and functions. Along with offering variety, the tool also inherits powerful and comprehensive functions, which are much more than just editing PDF documents. Users can convert PDF on Mac, utilize the OCR function for scanning documents, manage and ratify documents with electronic signatures, etc.

Compare PDFs on Mac

PDFelement has recently included a new function for managing PDFs across the platform. To make things easier for users, they can now compare PDF on Mac. This tool helps users discover the uniqueness within two similar documents and point out the changes among them. Such updates show the dedication of the platform to improving the user experience.


This PDF editor is known for its exceptional prices. While providing multiple features for free, users can upgrade to a highly cost-effective subscription plan. PDFelement not only provides proficient features, but the tool is also an epitome for saving money in the long term.

Part 2: What Makes Comparing PDF on PDFelement for Mac So Special?

PDFelement has recently included the feature to compare PDF on Mac. However, this tool is quite remarkable in many terms. This part realizes the need to introduce, explain, and provide proper arguments that make this recent update special for PDFelement users.

Why Do You Need to Compare PDFs?

Before coming into the details that explain how to compare PDF on Mac, it is essential to recognize the reasons that would lead to the need to compare PDFs in the first place. The following points particularly explain and answer the question of comparing PDFs across different levels.

Spotting Differences for Legal Purposes

Legal documents are important to screen, which can be done by comparing two similar legal documents through such tools. Comparison of these documents gives an insight into what has been changed by the other party at places.

Identifying Changes across Copyright Content

Copyright actions are a serious threat to content privacy, where people use content from other platforms to develop their design. However, a few changes are made across the copyright content to make things seem different. To identify what has been changed across this content, such tools are heavenly.

Identifying Annotations Across Documents

Documents in the professional fraternity are sent for checking and assessment. Usually, these documents are returned with different amendments and annotations. If they are somehow hidden, you can easily compare PDFs to identify these annotations. On the other hand, users who sent a file with annotations can also compare the amended documents to verify that the changes have been made.

Having Everyone on the Same Page

While working on a certain project at a professional level, several users are involved in its completion. A comparison tool allows people to be on the same page while dealing with the multiple iterations of the same file. This helps prevent people from working on the wrong document, compromising the work itself.

Checking the Resolutions of the Images

The compare PDF tool across PDFelement provides explicit information to the user after an in-depth overview of the document. Users can get to know if the resolutions of the images have been changed across the amended document.

How to Compare PDF by PDFelement

PDFelement provides an exceptional platform for the users to compare PDF on Mac. The following step-by-step guideline features a detailed explanation of the process for comparing PDFs across PDFelement.

Step 1: Launch PDFelement and Access Tool

You need to download and install the latest version of PDFelement on your Mac. Once done, launch the software and navigate to the “Compare PDF” button on the home page.

Step 2: Add Files

Tapping on the “Compare PDF” button opens a new window. Select the “Old File” and “New File” by importing the appropriate documents and clicking on “Compare” to initiate the process.

Step 3: View Compared Files

A comparison tab opens alongside the compared documents to provide a complete overview as the process completes. The right sidebar displays the instances across the document that has been deleted, inserted, or modified across the documents. On top of the documents, a key representing the particular difference type is displayed on the left side of the bar. On the right of this bar, you will find two checkboxes of “Highlight Changes” and “Scroll Sync.”

Step 4: Edit and Filter Changes

If you wish to edit the documents, you can tap on the “Text” or “Image” button to make appropriate changes. You can also filter the types of differences displayed across the sidebar using the “Filter” option. Once done, save both documents and conclude the comparison.

Key Components of the Compare PDF Feature in PDFelement for Mac

The compare PDF on Mac feature across PDFelement provides diversity across the tool, making it versatile and effective. To understand the tool in a better way, it is important to realize the key components that make up this feature. The following points highlight the components examined in the comparison procedure.

  • The tool efficiently recognizes the insertions, deletions, and modifications made across the document in terms of the images and text. All the changes across the document are highlighted accordingly for easy tracking.
  • The differences made across the document can be highlighted or hidden, as required. The tool provides an option to “Highlight Changes” across the interface. 
  • The “Scroll Sync” option available across PDFelement provides users with the opportunity of scrolling both files in synchronization. Users can observe all the changes while scrolling the documents simultaneously, making observation more effective.
  • The differences made across the document are segregated by types, which are discoverable across the right-hand panel. These differences are divided by color for better understanding.
  • With the individual instances displayed across the right sidebar, the user can directly move across the specific position across the document.
  • The compare PDF on Mac feature allows users to change the text and images within any document, as desired.


It is very important to compare PDF documents under various circumstances. To make the comparison simpler, PDFelement for Mac came up with introducing the compare PDF on Mac function for its users. This article features a detailed discussion on the tool followed by an analysis of its operation, allowing the user to know the tool before getting along with it.

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