How To Convert, Split, and Compress A PDF Files with GogoPDF

Portable Document File or PDF is a commonly used file format to secure a file from any alteration. Once you have converted your file into a PDF format, formats such as spacing, text, and indentions will not be altered. Since various people are using PDF, several web-based tools were also created to ease one’s task in relation to PDF transformation.

Among the many online tools available today, GogoPDF has been one of the most used. This web-based tool can easily convert, split, and compress your PDF files using the most straightforward steps. Here the steps on how to perform the above-mentioned features of GogoPDF:

How To Convert Using GogoPDF

Converting a file may sound easy. It can only be easy when you are using the right tool and the correct procedures. If you have a research paper and need to print it, you must first convert it into a PDF file to produce the best results. If you are going to print it using a Word document format, you may experience an alteration of that file’s format.

Using GogoPDF, converting Word to PDF can quickly be done using the most straightforward steps. To begin, you must choose a file and put it in their file format conversion tool. After the initial steps, GogoPDF will analyze and convert your file into a PDF format. The time that is required to transform your file into a PDF depends on your internet connection.

If you have a stronger internet connection, the process will only take a few seconds. Once the conversion is finished, you can click the link to the converted file and download it online. You can also save your file on your webmail or send it to your friends online! 

If you have other file formats you need to convert into a PDF file, such as Excel, PPT, JPG, and many more, you can quickly do using the same steps. You can also do vice versa! As stated above, GogoPDF offers the easiest steps in converting your file formats. You don’t need to be skillful in using a computer in doing this task!

File format conversion has never been this doable. Rest assured that GogoPDF can easily handle any file format conversion. You do not need to stick with complex steps that sometimes lead to an error. With GogoPDF, your file format conversion is just a minute away to finish! 

How To Split A PDF File Using GogoPDF

Unexpected things happen every day. For instance, your professor or boss told you to take off a specific page from your newly made report or research paper. You can try to type the entire document manually, but that would consume a lot of time. For sure, you would wallow in despair when doing that.

But you can just split that specific page using GogoPDF’s Split PDF tool. One feature of this tool is that you can easily and efficiently remove pages from your PDF files. GogoPDF guarantees you the quickest way of doing it.

To begin, you must select a PDF file from your device and put it in their system. After that, you can choose how you want to split your PDF file. Once you are done choosing, GogoPDF will extract the pages you wish to remove from the original file. And finally, download your newly extracted PDF file! 

How To Compress A PDF File

Having a massive amount of files can decrease your productivity at work. One reason is that it takes a longer time to send such a file online. As a result, the recipient will also have a longer time receiving the file. The best way to avoid this is to compress your file into a smaller size to produce productivity. 

Using compress files online free tool, you can quickly reduce your files without compromising your file’s quality. To start with the process, you must begin selecting a file that you wish to reduce and place it in their tool. After that, GogoPDF will begin to analyze and compress your file.

The bigger the file, the more lengthy it takes to compress. But, if you have a strong internet connection, it can be done in just a minute. Once the compression is finished, you may now download your newly compressed PDF file.


There you have it, file format conversion, PDF splitting, and PDF compression are indeed quickly done when using GogoPDF. Also, GogoPDF has a lot of other features that you can check on their website!

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