How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone

Undoubtedly, Apple’s releasing excellent features leaves its users in awe. And that is the reason why despite Apple’s exorbitant prices, people continue to flock to their devices. The latter is evident from the number of pre-orders for Apple’s lavish 5G iPhone 15 in September. Surely, the craze is due to Apple’s unwavering ability to enhance its features and its operating system’s strong built-in security system.

But what happens when this blessing turns into a curse? You have a cute baby who loves to play around with your equally lovable iPhone. Unfortunately, today your baby decided to turn into an explorer and has entered the wrong passcode too many times. If this story sounds relatable, then you know the dread of seeing a message’ iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes‘. Likewise, the fear of losing your precious data also hits you simultaneously. 

Now what? You have a disabled iPhone but can not afford to lose your data. And you know that one slight slip now will lead to a lifetime of regret. Well, don’t worry, because we will not only suggest the best ways on how to unlock disabled iPhones but will also recommend an ideal secure method amongst them.

So, if you’ve had your iPhone disabled for any reason, have a look at the ways listed below for the finest options.

Way #1 – How to Fix Disabled iPhone with iTunes

Since the message on your screen says ‘connect to iTunes’, then why not give it a try? Simply do the deed and recover your phone. However, this method will result in the loss of all your data during the recovery process. Nevertheless, you will be able to restore the data from the last backup you did. 

By the way, did you do a backup?

Moreover, the process is quite lengthy and cumbersome. So, unless you have a lot of time energy to go through the painful process, the method is not an ideal one. Oh, and let us not forget the annoying errors you will keep on getting.

Anyway, here are the steps to follow when you see the screen below:

  1. Depending upon the model of your iPhone, power it off following the right procedure.
  2. Connect your phone to a computer.
  3. Switch on the phone but in recovery mode (which again depends upon the phone’s model).
  4. Then, open iTunes and allow it to detect your phone.
  5. Afterward, choose your iPhone name from the side menu.
  6. When the Restore or Update option displays, select Restore, and iTunes will download software for your iPhone.
  7. Then start over with a fresh setup and a new password. 

Apparently, these steps will result in the erasure of all your data. But if you have a recent iCloud backup, you can simply restore the data. And, if you are not the type to maintain backups, then I think you have some bad news. 

Also, please note that you need to do the backup before the problem starts. That is, there is no way you can do a backup when your phone is disabled.

Not very appealing, is it? Well, the second method did appeal to us a lot. 

Way #2 – Fix Your iPhone With Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock

Okay, so you do not want to lose your data or involve yourself in the complex method above. Then here is how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes. Comparatively, we found this method to be both secure and smooth. In fact, it gets the work done without the associated anxiety of losing valuable data.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Firstly, install and run Dr. Fone on your PC and select “Screen Unlock”

2. Use a USB lightning cable to connect your iPhone with the computer, and click on the “Unlock iOS Screen” button.

3. After that, depending upon the phone’s model, boot your phone in DFU mode.

4. Then, select the appropriate iPhone model and firmware and click ‘download’.

5. Once the above is done, your iPhone will restart normally as if nothing happened.

However, remember to keep your internet connection stable during the process to avoid unnecessary hurdles. 

A Glimpse Into Dr. Fone

Yes, Dr.Fone is not the only software offering this service. But it is, beyond doubt the best. This is due to the security and enhanced features it provides. That is, with Dr.Fone, you can rest assured that your data will remain safely in your phone. 

Apart from an iPhone stuck in disabled mode, Dr.Fone can also repair:

  • Devices stuck in DFU mode
  • iPhone Boot Loop
  • Iphones stuck in Recovery Mode
  • White Screen of Death
  • Black Screen
  • Frozen iPhone
  • Phones that keep restarting
  • And much more

Basically, Dr.Fone is a one-stop solution for all your complex iPhone issues.

Evidently, recovering an iPhone in disabled mode is quite a sensitive task. Hence, it must be handled with prudence and precaution. One mishap may lead to a drastic turn of events and loss of vital data. 

Overall, there are various ways, software, and tool that may be used for this purpose. But in our opinion, the best way forward is with Dr.Fone. This is due to its ability to carry out the recovery process without compromising data or convenience. After all, there is no use of marrying in haste and repenting at leisure.

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