How to efficiently manage attendance for temporary or contractual workers

Why is attendance management difficult for temporary employees?

Industries feel complex in employee attendance tracking for temporary or contractual workers. Because they are not regular employees who don’t come under the regular organizational policy. Companies need to ensure that temporary workers have optimized workflow, distributed monitoring, and preventing data or revenue leakages.

Labour attendance tracking will be miscalculated for temporary workers when not managed properly. Organizations fail to track attendance for contract workers because of irregular workdays and work hours.

What is Lystface?

To overcome employee attendance monitoring complexity, the technology proved to stand unique in this digital era with efficient employee attendance monitoring software. Many software’s are available for tracking attendance for field employees. But Lystface – face recognition software is an AI-powered employee attendance monitoring software for marking the attendance of all employees in an efficient way.

The features inbuilt within this software are high-tech with updated features. Lystface is a face recognition attendance software for recording the attendance of an employee by scanning and recognizing his/her face. The system works with the systematic flow of analyzing the facial patterns, which are already stored in the database.

 Employees’ faces are already pre-recorded within the system, and once when an employee shows their face to mark attendance, the patterns are matched with the facial patterns of previously stored faces. This system greatly benefits companies to monitor temporary employee attendance perfectly.

The cost of absenteeism and time of attendance marked can be calculated more easily. HR professionals would calculate attendance management, leave management, and payroll management in a single employee attendance tracking software. 

How Lystface helps businesses to manage attendance systems for temporary workers?

With Lystface location-based software, the attendance management system is automated without any errors. Temporary employees can log in during their work hours and log out after they complete their work, within a second in their current location. They just need to show their face for attendance marking.

It has the great advantage of not touching the device like biometric or fingerprint. Lystface is more secure and safe to be used by industries of all sectors. It exactly calculates the attendance date and time which is stored in a database for future use. It avoids the risk of a fake attendance system which means only the concerned employees are allowed to mark their attendance. In case of any other persons trying to mark attendance by showing their face, the software will not detect by recognizing the stored face patterns. 

It would be a great resource for field companies to monitor their temporary employee’s attendance system with the exact location. Moreover, companies can generate insightful reports for every employee with their employee attendance tracking system. 

Lystface – Helps employees to have a streamlined workflow

With the Lystface software, employees also understand that they would be monitored for every activity they do in their work. They are more conscious of marking attendance on their own at the correct time without any delay. As the employee attendance tracking system is seamless and aligned with payroll processing, employees are aware of their workflow. This system benefits both employers and employees to have an optimized workflow. It makes temporary workers follow your organizational policy without any complexities and have consistent work progress.


Therefore, an employee attendance monitoring system plays a vital role in every business. If an organization could efficiently manage its employee attendance, it can have higher productivity and automated workflow. Lystface supports every business to develop its business morale rather than spending time on manual employee attendance tracking. As technology develops, flexible work environments are arising everywhere like remote setup, which gives hope and strength to all companies. Businesses can focus more on their business development with the help of this Lystface software. When an appropriate tool is installed, working environments boon every employee.

Give a try for Lystface for managing exact and accurate employee attendance tracking and also to have increased productivity. 


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