How To Get a Business Development Job With No Experience

If you are new to Business Development, then you might wonder how is a career in it different from Sales, Marketing, or Management, when all the careers focus on addressing various tiers of businesses and enabling growth for them? From the outside, business development does look like a mix of marketing, operations, and management. But Business Development professionals can take care of various tasks in their career. This includes servicing clients, sales, and ops, aiming for new clients, and overall planning.

Business development aims at all aspects of business that can be improved to promote the business. The main objective of Business Development is to search for brand new ways to improve the business’s potential.

You must remodel and rearrange the practices and make them one complete unit. However, this will all sound too complicated for a beginner. 

You might even feel that finding a job without any previous experience would be stressful as everyone wants to hire someone aware of what they are doing. Hence, it becomes more important to have some experience in business development.

Follow these tips if you are a fresher and want a business development job without any experience. 

Start as an intern.

Starting as an intern should be a great start to your business development career. This will be a significant step in your career because, with an internship, you will get money as well as experience.

What’s better? You will find an internship sooner than a full-time job. Usually, if you perform well and gain relevant experience in your internships, then you will either get converted to a full-time employee at the same organisation, or you will get a full-time job at another organisation with ease.

Take on projects at your current internship.

In order to boost your resume, always make sure to take on more and more projects that will help you amplify your experience and CV. As business development is all about deriving insights and improving your business’s potential, you can do so by taking on small internal projects. You can get in touch with your seniors and ask them to help you along the way.

Undertake online courses.

The business development industry is massive with endless scope. So if you really want to stay up-to-date with the latest stuff that is going on in the current world, then you must take online courses.

The certification courses will not only increase your chances of getting selected but also show that you are interested in getting a job in business development and that you have acquired new knowledge and skills from the course that you can apply in your new job. Sometimes, online courses come with an exam, too, so you can assess where you stand in terms of overall business development knowledge.


Business development is all about coming up with ideas and initiatives that will improve your business. This involves increasing revenues, expansion of business, scaling profitability through partnerships, and making wise business decisions. If you think you are up for the job, then you can get one easily by following the steps mentioned above proactively!

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