How To Lose Weight Without Undergoing Surgery

It is easy to gain weight but losing the extra pounds is where the problem lies. Although a certain amount of body fat is needed to perform some functions but being overweight or obese comes with many medical complications. Lose weight without diet or exercise with hypnosis for weight loss nz clinic offers the most effective programs available!

The goal of any weight loss procedure should be to attain and maintain a healthier weight. Many people have undergone life-threatening surgeries upon surgeries and followed diet plans upon diet plans. 

In this article, you will learn about non-surgical weight loss procedures. 

Non-Surgical weight loss procedures

From various researches, there are basically four non-surgical ways of losing weight. Obviously, you may be familiar with some weight loss methods. Exercise is one of the most talked-about non-surgical weight loss procedures. However, there is a more effective way called gastric balloons. Read to learn more.

Maintaining a Sustainable Diet

Weight loss starts with what you consume. Monitor your level and the type of food you consume.  This process is referred to as developing a sustainable lifestyle. To develop a sustainable lifestyle you need to have a sustainable weight loss plan. 

  • Avoid fad diets. Fad diets are those weight-loss diets that promise you fast results. These diets require taking pills and weight loss teas. Examples of such diets are the keto diet, paleo diet, and many more. 
  • If you are at a loss on how to start, speak with a dietitian or any medical nutritional expert. 
  • You need to limit the number of restaurant meals you consume and opt for home-cooked meals instead.
  • Drink lots of water. What’s more, drinking water before meals also makes you feel full fast
  • It is important to note that a sustainable weight loss plan will not give you immediate results. Patience, commitment, and dedication are needed in your journey.

To help you reach your health and weight loss goals, it is best to consult with a Nutritionist Winston-Salem who can provide guidance and advice on how to develop a healthy eating plan and lifestyle.


Exercise is not for the faint-hearted. Losing weight via exercise is a painstaking journey that requires you to give your all. 

  • Eat healthily and exercising doesn’t give you the liberty to binge on junk food
  • Have an exercise partner 
  • Create a workout schedule
  • Keep a logbook to log your progress

Gastric balloon

The intragastric balloon procedure involves temporarily placing an inflatable medical device (balloon) into the stomach to help in weight loss. 

It is the best non-invasive weight loss procedure for individuals who dieting and exercising have no effect on and who would prefer not to undergo a surgical procedure. 

It helps you lose weight by helping your exercise portion control and makes you feel full faster. For the success of this procedure, commitment to a healthier lifestyle is a necessity. Your diet needs to be healthy and exercise is required regularly for the long-term success of the procedure. The best gastric balloon procedure is called Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon system.

Benefits of gastric balloon placement 

The gastric balloon procedure is done primarily to help individuals in their weight loss journey. However, being overweight causes various medical conditions like High blood pressure, stroke, and type two diabetes. Therefore, the intragastric balloon procedure helps reduce the risk of these health problems. 

A gastric balloon procedure is an option for Individuals with a BMI of between 30 and 40. Also, you need to be willing to commit to healthy lifestyle changes. If you have had any stomach or esophageal surgery previously then gastric balloon placement is not for you. 

Is there any Risk of gastric balloon placement 

Gastric balloon placement has fewer risks compared to going under the knife to lose weight. 

  • Pain 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Risk of balloon deflation after which the balloon could move through your digestive system resulting in blockage.
  • Overinflation.
  • Acute pancreatitis.
  • A hole in the stomach wall(ulcer)

The non-surgical gastric balloon Spatz3 is a much convenient way to lose weight. Spatz Medical provides top-notch services.

Wrapping up

Obesity and being overweight cause many medical complications. Not only that, but it also reduces the self-esteem of individuals. Finally, the weight loss procedures highlighted above are less expensive compared to undergoing surgery too.

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