How to pick the best juicer for greens?

If buying a juicer for greens is on your mind, then you’d better avoid purchasing centrifugal type items. And this is not my personal preference, this is what the majority of specialists advise. High speed of rotation in such devices leads to heating whatever is inside the centrifuge, which is really bad when we’re speaking about juicing greens. Of course these ones are good when juicing harder plants like tomatoes, fruits with a pip, which are better juiced at a high speed.

Sometimes juicing the leafy greens can be really tricky, because all the vital nutrients and enzymes contained in the greens are lost during squeezing, when they are exposed to greater oxidation. So the manufacturers offer some alternatives like auger type juicers for greens. Feel free to read the reviews on the best juicers for greens models in this article on DiligentChef website.

How the Juicer for Greens Works

The juicer is equipped with an auger spindle used for grinding the greens. After the greens are mashed, the substance moves further through the fine sieve to remove pulpy staff. As a result, you get absolutely dry presscake. What is important here is that the auger rotates really slowly so that you wouldn’t end up with juice filled with foam. Besides, this method of juicing helps to avoid heating, which is also a crucial factor here. Good news is that this type of juicer makes it possible to work with harder fruit and veggies as well.

Generally, juicers for greens come with a single auger, yet innovational models can be equipped with two of them. This makes the item more effective, but get ready to pay some extra dollars for such device.

Best Blender for Frozen Fruit On The Market. Great many kitchen device manufacturers try to impress the buyers and declare their models are designed as multipurpose use items. Yet you should keep in mind that there are always certain rules when it comes to juicing different types of food. Auger type juicers are used for juicing and squeezing greens and very hard fruits and vegetables. So very often that’s what we often see on the banners in the street, which portray both the device itself and food like carrots and greens.

Check out the list of products you can juice in auger type juicer:

  • Greens or wheatgrass, nuts or seeds, corn;
  • Carrots, beets, or other hard veggies;
  • Apples and other hard fruits;
  • Pumpkin, melon.

You can squeeze tomatoes in juicers equipped with two augers, which is not recommended to do in a single auger juicer. If you put other fruits in it, be ready to get a puree rather than juice. So you’d better give up this bad idea.

Juicer’s Pros and Cons

As written on this source, the major drawback of such kitchen device is a quite narrow application field. If you’re planning to juice various kinds of fruits and veggies, then you will have to buy two types of the juicers, as neither auger type nor centrifugal one are capable of meeting all your juicing needs.

Another con admitted by both specialists and users is a low speed. This has nothing to do with manufacturers or item defects. Actually the function performed by these devices presupposes the item to work with low speeds only.

Another negative factor to consider is the price. Auger type items are really expensive, especially compared to ordinary juicers. Manufacturers don’t offer a good choice of them either, so the user is limited in his choice and has to pay big sums of money.

Apart from cons that we’ve already mentioned above, these models have a number of pros as well. These pros make happy owners decide to buy these devices even at a high price. The hard products juiced in these juicers are not exposed to oxidation and high temperature. This ensures that juice will preserve all the essential vitamins and healthy nutrients contained in fresh fruits and vegetables. You can visit this site Araku Instant Coffee to drink the most unique flovour coffee.

The device also makes it possible to get juice of such hard products as nuts or wheat. After squeezing you will get quite a good amount of juice, while the pulpy part is removed practically dry from the device. Such kind of juicers make it possible to get 85% of juice out of hard products. They are also equipped with a big bowl or tube, where you can put the product directly before juicing. No cutting needed.

Everybody wants to make rich and delicious juices. That’s why we use the auger juicer after all, unlike the centrifugal models, which heat the products turning all your efforts into a mess. Auger juicer construction ensures long life and safe work of the item. One more thing which brings extra comfort in using the device is a small amount of parts you really need to take care of and clean. Besides one can never underestimate the advantage of very little noise produced by a working juicer.

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