How To Prepare For The AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam?

Cloud computing certifications are gaining popularity day by day due to the increasing demand for cloud professionals. With every passing day, new advanced technology makes its way into the cloud services. Recently, Microsoft replaced its old AZ-203 exam with the latest and updated AZ-204 for aspiring cloud professionals. One should be aware of the changes and go for the latest certifications for more credibility in the niche they choose. Let’s get started with knowing what AZ-204 is all about and how to prepare for the examination.

What Is The AZ-204 Examination?

AZ-204 is the new gold standard for becoming Azure Cloud Developer. The exam is available in the English language and has a registration fee of around $165. The exam pattern is performance-based with multiple-choice questions. There are no mandatory prerequisites to appear for the AZ-204 exam. However, candidates will find themselves better positioned to undertake the examination if they have recommended knowledge. A work experience of a minimum of two years on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform in developing cloud solutions. Moreover, knowledge of a high-level programming language that Azure supports is an added benefit.

What Are The AZ-204 Exam Learning Objectives?

Before starting the preparation for any Microsoft certification, it is vital to know the respective exam objectives of a certification. These contain the certification domains and subtopics in each domain with their weightage in the exam. Awareness of exam objectives helps in finding the areas to focus on. Here are the five learning objective domains for AZ-204.

Developing Azure Compute Solutions: It is the first domain of the AZ-204 exam and has a weightage ranging from 25% to 30% in the exam. The sub-topics include implementation of Saas solutions, Azure functions and creating Azure web app services.

Developing For Azure Storage: The second domain amounts to 15% to 20% of the exam questions. It has subtopics such as developing solutions using Cosmos DB storage and blob storage.

Implementing Azure Security: It has a weightage of 20% to 25% in the AZ-204 examination. The subtopics revolve around the implementation of user authorization and authentication with secure cloud solutions.

Monitor, Troubleshoot and Optimize Azure Solutions: The fourth domain of AZ-204 accounts for 15% to 20% of the exam questions. It has subtopics such as integrating content delivery and caching in Azure solutions and instrumenting solutions for monitoring and logging.

Connecting To and Consuming Azure Services And Third-Party Services: The last domain of AZ-204 accounts for 15% to 20%. The sub-topics are implementing API management and developing event-based and message-based solutions.

A Brief Guide For Preparation Of The AZ-204 Exam

Passing the AZ-204 exam requires effort and dedication. With some useful tips, you will be able to ace the exam in the record duration without wasting further time.

Check The Official Certification Page

Before starting your preparation, the first thing to do is to check the official Microsoft site for the AZ-204 examination. This would help the candidate remain updated about any changes in the exam and know the authentic exam outline. 

Credible Learning Resources

The next step is to find authentic study resources for AZ-204 exam preparation. Here the candidate should go for Microsoft’s learning platform, which offers free online training. Aspects such as creating serverless applications, deploying websites using virtual machines, managing Azure resources, cloud security etc., are covered in it.

Read Microsoft’s Documentation

Reading the Microsoft documentation such as journals and white papers written by experts help candidates in gaining practical insight into real-world Azure technology applications. Moreover, candidates can build aptitude for performance-based questions and find them easier to answer in the exam.

Join Microsoft Online Courses

There are a plethora of credible online training providers for Microsoft certifications. A candidate can speed up their preparation with the help of experts and gain a holistic understanding. Additionally, candidates get doubt support till the day of their exam. These benefits have significantly increased the demand for online training courses.

Practice Tests

After completing your preparation for the AZ-204 study material, a candidate needs to ensure that they can effectively deal with exam patterns. Therefore, it is vital to take multiple practice tests to ensure success in the first go. They not only help in improving speed but also preparing a candidate mentally for exam conditions.


Becoming a Microsoft certified professional ensures high credibility in the cloud industry. The preparation phase of Microsoft certification courses is rigorous. By following the exam tips, a candidate will be able to pass the exam with flying colours in their first attempt. The AZ-204 certification will bring excellent opportunities with lucrative job titles once you are through the exam.

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