How to Prepare Important Chapters in Class 9th Maths

As the students enter class 9th, they find themselves face to face with so many new topics, especially in Maths. It makes it all the more difficult to overcome the initial inhibition that the students hold against all these topics and find the courage within to learn them and to have mastery in them.

There are several important chapters in Maths book of class 9th, such as Linear equations in two variables, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles & Surface Areas and Volumes. These chapters carry high weightage in exams more often than not which makes it all the more important to put special emphasis on these chapters among the others.

Here are some generic tips that can be used to prepare these chapters –

  •       Start off preparation by focusing on NCERT –

NCERT is the base to develop on before looking elsewhere. Students should be well read through NCERT on these important chapters because all the questions that will be asked from these chapters will be based on the concepts and topics that are explained in the NCERT. Therefore, it is imperative that the students prepare their best from NCERT and are fully confident in their preparation from it.

  •       Gain proficiency in basics of these chapters –

Like every other Maths chapter, it is essential that you are well versed with the basic concepts of these chapters. The best way to do that is to pay attention in the class when the basics of these chapters are being explained so that you are not left perplexed when you open the book at your home trying to study the chapter. Trying to read through the theory that is given in the NCERT book is also a nice way of gaining proficiency in the basic concepts of these chapters.

The basics you learn help a lot when you start solving questions based on the given chapter. You will know instantly which concept and idea to apply in order to solve the problem correctly if you are proficient in the basic ideas of the chapter.

  •       Practice efficiently and consistently –

It is no secret that in order to get better at Maths in general, doing more and more question practice is the tried and tested method. Preparing well for these important chapters also requires loads of practice so that you improve and learn from your mistakes while solving the questions.

Consistency is another quality necessary in order to gain mastery in these chapters. Some days are bound to be there when you won’t feel like putting in the extra effort to make yourself better in these chapters but it is important to remind yourself of the importance of these chapters not only in the current class you are studying in, but also in higher class mathematics.  

  •       Write chapter wise formulas of these chapters –

With maths, there are bound to be formulas in abundance with every chapter you study and it is essential to memorize these formulas. An easy way of remembering these formulas for a long time is to write them down on a piece of paper or in your notes copy and make it a habit to revise them every day at a fixed time. Doing so would make sure that you never forget these formulas.

  •       Take help of your teacher in case of doubts –

While studying these chapters, either in class or by yourself, doubts are bound to come. It becomes important to clear all these doubts as soon as possible and not make an excuse to let them be. If not cleared, these doubts could disrupt your entire preparation for the exam as your concepts would not be clear. The important chapters have a lot of terminology and concepts that might prove to be complex for students and they might not understand these concepts the first time they hear them. At such time, they should ask their respective teacher to explain the topic again so that they get better insight into the basics of the chapter.

  •       Take help of reference books to increase knowledge –

For more practice, students should turn to reference books such as RS Aggarwal or RD Sharma as they contain a plethora of questions on each topic exposing them to a diverse pattern of questions. Getting this much important practice from the reference book goes a long way in ensuring expertise in these important chapters which pave the way for a good result in Maths in the exam. If for instance you are not able to solve the questions, instead of getting frustrated, you should refer to RS Aggarwal Class 9 Chapter 4 Solutions in order to understand where you went wrong.

Here are some chapter-specific tips to prepare each of these chapters in the best way possible –

o   Linear equations in two variables – It is really important to learn to form equations based on the word problem questions that are asked from this chapter. These types of questions are more frequently asked in the exam and they carry a high number of marks so make sure to understand how to formulate the needed equations.

o   Triangles – Make sure to thoroughly understand all the criteria for congruence of two triangles as it dominates the majority of questions that are asked from this chapter. Practice more and more questions based on Congruence to get fluent in solving questions based on it.  

o   Quadrilaterals – Remember all the properties of quadrilaterals that are given in this chapter because almost all the questions asked from this chapter are based on the applications of these properties.

o   Circles – In this chapter, there are a lot of theorems based on which all the questions are asked. Hence, make sure to read and understand all these theorems before practicing the questions based on them.

o   Surface areas and volumes – This chapter has a lot of formulas to calculate the surface area and volumes of different shapes and figures. Make sure to memorize all these formulas along with the practice of word problem questions that are majorly asked from this chapter.


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