MBA in Operations Management – Top 3 Colleges to Consider

The entire world functions on wheels. We all are running and jumping in the peak era of technology and most of what we see around is being operated in some fashion or the other. The same is the case with the business world. Operations constitute the feature control, cost administration strategies and overlooking the logistics of building a product or service. MBA in operations management helps nurture and add on to these skills to create the world as we see it.

The final objective of operations is to maximise the performance and prolific output of the company and achieve ultimate performance. Learning how to cater to the routine and everyday tasks as well as big-picture production processes that build the core of a company, and also an entire string of work involved in the production of goods and services is what an MBA in operations management teaches an individual.

Operations takes the centre stage and for someone who graduated from a good college like Assam Down Town University or the popular IIMs is detail-oriented, multitasking and the rewards of running a company on paper and in practice becomes the penultimate goal.

Choosing a perfect college with a diverse and dynamic MBA in operations management course becomes essential for an ideal start to the career. Colleges like the Assam Down Town University provide education in not only theoretical concepts and ideas but empirical and practical skills too.

Skills to manifest

The use of an MBA in operations management stretches far and wide across all industries as operations become pivotal in almost all running processes in a corporate setup, be it an MNC, bank or a modest grocery shop.  Some essential skills propel one’s career in the right direction at supersonic speed. Along with higher pay, the specialisation focuses on some of the skills that are listed below:

  • Detailed insights into logistics of any company
  • Managerial economics
  • International business administration
  • Business strategy and strategic management
  • Optimisation of data and resources
  • Business analytics

Jobs after MBA in Operations Management

Opportunities for an operations manager are as open as the wide blue sky and the degree creates a plethora of job offers in well-known organizations from multiple divisions of different industries across the globe. There is also a bucket full of scope for operations managers in the consultancy sector as well. Colleges like Assam Down Town University not only nurtures theoretical skills but also renders necessary practical aspects of business as well. Some of the opportunities which can fly your way are:

  • Operations Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Supply Chain Program Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager

MBA in Operations Management sprinkles its magic because even after graduation, various different job prospects come to the table and the enablers of that are colleges like the Assam Down Town University and IIMs, which provide extensive hands-on and practical training.

Top colleges to pursue the course from

A good college provides a good balance for the students in all the spheres, enhancing the scope of MBA in operations management and further creating internship and job opportunities that enhance a student’s career graph. The top 3 colleges for studying the course are:

1. NARSEE MONJEE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, MUMBAI –  located in Mumbai and known for its prestigious course structure and well trained and experienced faculty, NMIMS crafts out an individual in a balanced way. Moreover, it boasts a great campus life with well-equipped classrooms. Placements are amazing and the average package is around 4.30 LPA from top recruiters like BCG, Bain and McKinsey.

2. SP JAIN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES:  One of the premium business schools of India, the institute was listed on number 18 by NIRF Management ranking in 2020.  It is one of the most solid colleges in terms of staff and has a high placement record. The stress on quality is a plus point and it facilitates a space to experiment and develop a practical outlook on operations management.

3. ASSAM DOWN TOWN UNIVERSITY: Assam Down town University located in Guwahati has emerged as one of the best MBA colleges for specialising in operations. The campus is nestled in the Himalayan foothills and quite rightly boasts of world-class infrastructure and provides quality education in MBA for engineering graduates. The institute has a detailed course structure that promises all-round development of not only theoretical but also hands-on practical skills.

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