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How to Promote an Account on Instagram 2022?

Imagine that the day when you decided to make money on Instagram has come. But now you look at your brand new account and feel like a small fish in the ocean of successful bloggers… Believe, everyone went this way from scratch, and the most difficult stage is the first 3,000 subscribers. Here, many give up and leave the account, but not you! You need to spend so much time on the design, and for this reason you should turn to VistaCreate. Now, you will read about how to achieve the first goal, overcome the “valley of death” and promote your page on Instagram.

Tell Everyone About Your Page

Surely you have a profile on Vkontakte or Facebook. Publish a post that you have an Instagram account. Write why they should follow you there, in addition to existing profiles. Send a letter with the news about the new account to the database of contacts or customers by email.

Subscribe and Like

Be active to get noticed on Instagram. At the initial stage, mass following can help, but you should not abuse it. Better to do it manually. Keep in mind that Instagram does not approve the connection of third-party mass liking services and may block the account. 

Instead, put reactions on the Stories of people who might like your topic. This method will attract a more loyal audience and active subscribers.

Host a Contest

Give away your product for free or raffle it for meeting conditions. Tell about the contest on your pages and inform that the draw is only among subscribers. It is not necessary to make a repost a condition of the competition. Ask your friends to share the contest on their pages.

Announce a Challenge

Put on a reality show and talk about how you are trying to promote your Instagram account from scratch. Report in stories and involve everyone who wants to help, promise a cool ending if the idea ends in success. Let everyone know “I’m gaining 3,000 in a month!”, maybe someone will come up with new ideas. Use Instagram Stories to share what’s happening and engage viewers in the process.

Test Promotion Methods that Few People Use

Promotion takes effort, so get ready to work in the coming months. If you plan to relax more, then allocate a budget and set up targeted advertising on Instagram. Or try non-standard approaches in promoting your account. 

Ulk Direct Messaging for Advertising 

Another one of the most effective methods of advertising on Instagram is to send direct messages to Instagram users. Since the direct message is sent to each person in private, you are sure that your message will be read by the recipient, which is considered the advantage of “direct messaging”. If you want to draw people’s attention to your page using direct messaging, you should go to the pages that are active in your business field. For example, you should have the username of people who follow your competitors or colleagues, like their posts and commented. Therefore, you can extract the username of your competitors’ followers, likers, commenters, etc. and send your advertising message to these usernames. 

However, repeating this process manually every day is difficult and time-consuming. It is almost impossible for you to manually find the username of your target audience and send your advertising message to the mass of these usernames. To do this, you need a tool that will automatically run this process for you. One of the best software products available for advertising and marketing on Instagram is the v-User Instagram DM bot. Since this is a general article about advertising and marketing methods on Instagram, we will not offer more details about this bot. You can visit the v-User website for more information about the many features this software package provides to you. 

Run a Marathon

Gather your audience for a useful marathon. Come up with a theme and easy tasks for the week. Here you can also promote the publication. Ask your friends to participate or tell your friends. Be sure to organize activity under posts and in stories to promote your account: collect reports on tasks or come up with challenges for shooting videos for Instagram Stories.

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In consequence…

In order to promote a page on Instagram from zero to 3,000 subscribers per month, you need regularity. In actions and updating content in the profile:

  • write down the plan for the days of the week;
  • note the progress. 

Treat account promotion like a game and your perseverance will turn into passion. When you pass the “valley of death”, the growth will be faster.

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