How to Start a Pinball Rental Business?

The rental of pinball machines can be an interesting alternative today for those who are looking for a side business (extra income) or those who want to undertake in a different way from the conventional.

The truth is, pinball machines were hugely successful a few years back, but even living in the age of computers and smartphones, you can still greatly benefit from these machines, especially ones that are solely focused on rental for children’s events

Thinking about all these possibilities, I have prepared a series of step-by-step tips for those who wish to start a business based on the rental of pinball machines, so it is worth reading on and learning some strategies to work in this business.

How does pinball machine rental work?

In this business, your target audience will be the organizers of children’s events in your region, parties of this type always have many types of games available, and pinball machines end up being great options for those who want to offer fun for children. With this, you should make yourself very accessible, so that event owners and organizers can easily find you. To do this, you can set up a small machine rental facility, where you will be in charge of making the delivery, installing it, and having everything ready on site.

With just one machine you can start renting on your own, but the ideal is to buy pinball machines more than one to be able to offer a wide variety of customers.

Requirements to rent pinball machines

Basically, you don’t need many things, since the machines are already more than enough to start your business, after all, there is no need to rent a business space, since you can do everything from your home, you don’t need employees because the business is extremely simple and does not need a lot of money, plus the cost of the machines and some maintenance costs of this equipment if necessary. In addition, you can look for used pinball machines for sale to minimize your costs.

You will probably need a vehicle to transport your machines to the event location, and pick them up after the rental period, so you can use a personal vehicle you already have or have the transportation borne by the customer.

Disclosure for your pinball machine rental business

The beginning is not always easy for those who wish to run a business on their own, so one of the pillars that can sustain a small business is advertising, so it is worth using the already traditional media in your city. to get precisely the target audience you want to reach. Let’s look at some ideas to promote your pinball machine rental company:

Advertisements in local newspapers.

Create and distribute your own business card.

Create strategic alliances with party supply stores and event organizers.

You can create your own website for easy access by interested people.

Is it worth starting a pinball machine rental business?

Of course, this is not a business that will make you a lot of money, but it can have good results, but it all depends on the local market, your team, and various additional factors. In any case, I think you can earn between $300 and $500 a month just by renting pinball machines for children’s parties, so it’s something worthwhile now and that can pay off in your city.

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