How to Use a Meat Slicer Confidently

Our standard kitchen knives cannot cut through the more significant portions of meat and bones. This situation raises the need for securing a meat saw. When you have the right meat saw, you are sure to cut your meat to sizes comparable to those in the supermarkets.

Meat slicers appear daunting. The object is very sharp and has a bulky appearance that can make you shy away from it at first. It makes some people go to the grocery to purchase already sliced meat. Nevertheless, I strongly encourage you to keenly read this article. You will be able to save money by knowing how to cut your meat at home using the device.

Safely Place Your Food in the Slicer

Begin with opening the clamp arm, then place the food needed to be sliced into the food equipment. Close it. Furthermore, if you wish, put a sheet of mount paper over the meat slicer to which the slices will finally fall. It is going to help the pieces be perfectly shaped.

Adjust the Thickness of the Slices

The thickness of the slices wholly depends on your preference. Utilize the exponent knob to align the slices’ broadness manually.

Turn on the Meat Saw

Punch the meat saw in the force source, then, alternate on the ability button. The blade will rotate very fast, so carefully know when and where to handle it when the process is proceeding.

Make Swift Slicing Motions

An automatic deli slicer makes this step easier than commercial based meat saw. Nevertheless, the tonality is being accessible and keeping cool. For galvanic food slicers, quickly push the tray forward. The blade will swiftly cut through the meat and fall your cut to the left side of the machine.

Cleaning the Meat Saw

As a monitor, always clean up every cleft of your unsullied meat saw from equipage coat to meat saw blade cover. Besides, don’t forget to always put it on cut-resistance cloves.

How Not to Use a Meat Saw

Below are a few tips on how one shouldn’t use a meat saw;

Slicing Frozen Meat

When running frozen meat through a meat grinder, never do it with a food slicer. The ice quartz glass in the meat will destroy the blades on your automobile over time.

Cutting Meat with Bones

Meat still held to the bone shouldn’t be cut. Moreover, the hard bones will also exhaust away at your pith slice blade.

Slicing Soft Cheese

Slicing cheese should be done using meat slicers. When slicing a big cheese bar, you’ll have an easy time utilizing this appliance, concluded with a cheese slicer. Thus never try slicing soft cheeses.

Operating the Slicer Bear Handed

Because the device has so many features, it is best to safely use it by restraining all fingers. In the operation of the slicer, the worst thing to do is pushing the meat using bare hands.

Using the Wrong Blade

Do you recognize that you can interchange between a rough sword and a smooth-edged sword? It is crucial to note that using the correct blade will deliver good results. Check also this meat cutting machine.

In summary, never use intense force when slicing your meat. Practice necessary safety precautions and ensure there is proper handling of your meat saw because the blades can still cut you.

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