What size desktop PC should you have?

Typically, the space we have available to us limits the types of desks we may purchase for our computers. If space is not an issue, however, we can choose enormous desks with plenty of room, yet occasionally a smaller, more covert desk may be a better choice even if it doesn’t seem like it. Is a huge desk preferable to a small one? Look at it.

A small computer desk is suitable for mounting the PC case on top of it, as well as for multi-monitor setups or ultra-wide screens. 

We could have incorporated some alternatives that would have given our PC ecosystem more variety if we had chosen a smaller table, but there are times when we still don’t need as much room because it is squandered.

Is a huge workstation usually the preferable choice?

Simply put, what we are saying is that having a huge desk is not always the greatest option. Of course, this will depend on what you need to have on the table, the number and size of the monitors, and other factors. 

In any event, the gaming tables sold by all the manufacturers have very small proportions because nearly none of them were created with a PC on top, to begin with.

When we talk about scenarios like the ones in the image above, where a lot of space is wasted, we mean those instances. Wouldn’t it be preferable to have a table that is a little bit smaller so that a shelf may fit in the empty space? Because if you look, he has his computer on the floor and some sound equipment underneath the table that could have easily been set up on a shelf to one side.

The truth is that sometimes having a smaller table is preferable even if you have room since it offers greater mobility and usability. Perhaps you don’t need to put so much on the table because you can make a smaller space more comfortable and functional for work or play while still having room for other essentials.

The required setup reveals the solution to us.

The configuration we choose will determine everything, so a big desk won’t always be necessary. It is true that the more, the better, but we must remember that if our monitor, for instance, is 21 inches, we won’t benefit from a huge desktop.

On the one hand, if we want to use 5.1/7.1 systems, active/passive monitors (professional speakers), a large monitor (more than 27 inches), and the tower on the table, we will need a huge desk. If all you have is a big monitor and some nice speakers, you’ll also need a sturdy desk.

On the other hand, we could not require such a large table to also set the PC on top if your speakers and monitors are straightforward. Naturally, we provide you with our minimal suggestion for a comfortable workspace: 120 x 60 cm. Less than that puts a lot of risk on ergonomics or comfort because we won’t have much room to work.

So what size is appropriate?

Think about the following:

  • Do you intend to place the PC case atop the desk? It receives less dust and filth than being on the ground, thus it is advised).
  • What size and how many monitors do you have? Will you set each one on its base or will you use an arm?
  • Do you use TKL or a standard-sized keyboard?

You can choose the right desk size with the aid of these queries. We’ll now give some illustrations of the suggested width:

  • 150 cm wide ultrawide monitor or three monitors stacked high above the table.
  • A tower on top of the table with two 24-inch monitors or one 27-inch monitor that is up to 120 cm broad.
  • The tower on top is 90 cm broad, and a single monitor can be up to 27 inches large.
  • The tower below is 80 cm wide, and a single monitor can be up to 24 inches wide.

Naturally, each person’s tastes will determine how things turn out, but these are our suggestions. We will now be more clear in terms of the depth of the desk since, as you are aware, maintaining the proper distance from the screen reduces eye strain and lessens the risk of back pain so that we do not have to turn our heads.

As a result, if your display is 24 inches or larger, we advise that you use a table that is at least 80 cm deep, and preferably deeper if you use several monitors or your monitor is really wide.

The essentials for choosing the ideal workstation

After hearing all that has been said so far, you should roughly know what size desk you require. However, what if you decide in the future that you would like to replace your current monitor or monitors with a larger one and you later regret not having purchased a larger table?

For this reason, it’s also crucial that you consider whether you want to add more monitors to your collection or upgrade your current ones to bigger ones in the future, whether you want to put the box on the table, etc. 

We do advise you to choose a white standing desk that is very deep if the room where the table will be placed allows it because, particularly with large monitors, it is always a good idea to be at a considerable distance from them in order to avoid visual issues.

Therefore, while selecting the ideal desk for your PC, it is crucial to have some insight into the future. If the size of your space permits it, do not be afraid to spend a little more money on a larger desk. 

Because you’ll end up appreciating it, especially if you want to add extra monitors or, for example, utilize your gaming PC as a live streaming tool, where you’ll need to install microphones, an audio preamp, etc. And run out of room.

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