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Instagram download anything you want, even the simplest videos

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a story, a reel, a live video, or a publication in the feed, we’ll tell you all the options you have to  Instagram download video. If they are yours, that’s easier and you avoid possible copyright issues, but if you want to do it with any other user’s, you should know that you can still do it.

Instagram and the potential of video content

Today, video has beaten other formats. Not because photos or audio have disappeared, but because more users are attracted to this type of content. In addition, it is the impression that is made when using platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or social networks like Instagram, TikTok, and the like that have evolved.

Another key factor leading to the explosion of video content is the improvement in camera specifications, especially mobile phones, and the availability of an internet connection with no data limits right from the phone. mobile phone. Of course, this is something that you probably already know.

So let’s ignore the obvious stuff. Surely many times you have seen videos published by other users that are informative, curious, or just plain funny and you want to save them to watch them at other times. Furthermore, there may be situations where you want them to be able to do some kind of montage that you then upload to your profile as a collaboration or reaction.

Whatever you want to do with those videos, it’s important that you know that you should be able to easily download them from any platform and specifically from Instagram. Of course, it’s always good to comment with the author why you want to do it. Because we talked about its content and because it can avoid possible accusations later. That not everything on the internet is free, nor can everyone decide what to do or how to use what others share.

If you’re interested in all of this, we’ll let you know all the options you have for downloading Instagram videos, from stories to reels, feed or IGTV publications (as well as photos if you like). 

Instagram Download videos from browser

The simplest and most enjoyable option for most users is to download videos directly from the browser. Mainly because they already have material available for use in apps like video editors. Also, if the purpose is to use them in some kind of work, presentation, etc.

To gram download videos directly from a computer or other device using just a browser, there are different options. Just do a Google search for the term Instagram video download and they will come up. Among all, there are two that work very well and are easy to use like copying the URL of the content you are interested in and pasting it.

SnapInsta is one of the services that allow you to download free Instagram photos and videos from your PC, Mac, Linux computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. With SnapInsta you can have everything you want to save quickly, easily, and securely with absolute speed and quality.

SaveInsta is another site similar to the previous one, although here you will see several tabs appear depending on the content that you will be downloading from Instagram. That is, you can paste the URL of a photo, reel, video, or story. Also, in case you have any questions, on this very page they explain how to handle it depending on the device you will be using.

In both services, you need to know the URL of the publication. It is very simple to see on PC, on mobile devices by going to the Instagram app, and in sharing options select copy link. That copied URL is the one you have to paste into both services.

How to download your Instagram videos

In case the video is your own content and you want to restore the content that you have published in Reels, stories, or IGTV. For the first content, the process is as simple as you can see in the following images.

The original way, through the Instagram app, you can download your stories as long as they haven’t disappeared. You just need to click on the three dots icon and then select download. Once done, you’ll have the content in your phone’s gallery in case you want to use it in other apps or networks. Of course, if you add music using Instagram stickers, the sound will be muted.

And in the case of IGTV videos, it’s practically the same thing, you just have to go to the video and provide the save option to have it in your phone’s gallery to use whenever you want. For publications in your feed, you most likely already have this, and if you don’t, you can take the same approach as for other people’s content, which you can see below.

Mobile apps to download Instagram videos

To do the same from an iOS or Android mobile device, although you can use both systems’ browsers to access the aforementioned services, the easiest way if you are repeating this action is to use one of the apps below.

  • SnapX ( Android )
  • Story SaverStory Saver for Me ( iOS )
  • IG Saver ( Android )
  • Reposter for Instagram ( iOS and Android )
  • Instagram Video Downloader ( Android )
  • Reels Downloader ( Android )

The apps are basically the same. Because like web services before it, there is little mystery other than knowing how to automate the process of accessing content posted by a profile and knowing which URL to download documents from.

Copyright Respect

As you can see, downloading any type of content posted on Instagram is not complicated. Moreover, it is so simple that in many cases you may forget that you are accessing content that users normally post publicly on their profiles, but that does not mean that they can be used. later freedom.

It is therefore important and always recommended that if you intend to repost, adapt or use it for educational purposes, you should discuss it with the author of the said material. This way you will avoid future copyright issues and you will respect other people’s material as you would like them to do with yours.


Did you get everything you need on Instagram with our guide? Please read carefully to Instagram download video successfully. If you have any doubts, please let us know so we can help you. Good luck.

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