Kid Amusement Parks Chicago

  • Kids Wonderland
  • In the Game Hollywood Park
  • Altitude Trampoline Park
  • Pirates Cove
  • Chicago Children’s Museum
  • Odyssey Fun World
  • Kids Empire in Evanston
  • Haunted Joliet
  • Enchanted Castle
  • Six Flags America

ESTA renewal problem for new travellers

Suppose you have received an e-mail notification of the US authorities’ refusal to grant you the ESTA authorization after your ESTA expiration. In that case, you will have noticed that this refusal does not mention any specific reason. In fact, under no circumstances will you be informed of the reason for this refusal. Therefore, you will not be able to know why the US immigration authorities have decided not to grant you the right to stay in the United States.

It is then up to you to look for a probable cause in the list of those mentioned above. If you find no explanation for this refusal, it is useless to try to contact US immigration for explanations. You have probably simply made a mistake in filling the online application, and in this case, it is preferable to submit a new application ten days after the refusal.

However, the fact that the US authorities have refused your ESTA authorization does not imply that you cannot travel to the USA under any circumstances. Some specific cases of refusal, such as the purpose of the trip, the duration, or the fact that the passport is not electronic or biometric, in fact, authorize you to make a visa application that has every possibility of being accepted.

To do this, you simply need to collect an application form at the US embassy closest to you, as this is a practice that cannot be handled online.

On the other hand, it is possible that the reasons that led the US authorities to refuse the ESTA authorization also prevent obtaining a visa. It depends on their severity and on the correspondence with the laws in force in the USA.

In most cases, the expenses incurred are obviously lost and are not reimbursed under any circumstances. 

It is very interesting to have this possibility of reimbursement because, as seen above, it is sometimes possible to keep your travel plan in the USA using other legal systems. In particular, it is possible to make a new ESTA application online simply by letting ten days pass from the receipt of the refusal notification if this is due to a simple compilation error. In this case, the reimbursement can be used to pay the costs of the new application.

Similarly, if you believe that the ESTA refusal is due to non-compliance with the basic conditions of the device, you will be able to use this money to make a visa application. In fact, it should be remembered that visa applications are also subject to a fee and even a little more expensive than ESTA applications.

Ultimately, always remember to check the validity of your esta. You can do that by simply searching how to check if my esta is still valid” on google.

What to do in North Chicago

North Chicago is a city located in Lake County, Illinois, US, and a suburb of the Chicago metropolitan region. In 2010, the population of North Chicago was 32,574, which makes it the second biggest city in the county. North Chicago is the Great Lakes Barracks Military housing location and the Great Lakes Naval Training Centre.

  • Green Belt Cultural Center
  • Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Daken Gallery and Frame Shop
  • European Art Co
  • Ravinia Festival Grounds
  • Naval Base Great Lakes
  • Kenosha Public Museum
  • Arlington Park Race Track
  • European Crystal Banquet
  • Schaumburg Renaissance Convention Center

Restaurants Millenium Park

  • Lula Café
  • Superdawg Drive-in Daises
  •  Soul and Southern American Hyde Park Restaurant
  • J.P. Graziano Grocery, Italian West Loop Avec Restaurant
  • River North Restaurant, Birrieria Zaragoza
  • Mediterranean West Loop Restaurant
  • Mexican Archer Heights Restaurant
  • Eclectic Logan Square Restaurant, Tzuco

Millennium Park Rock Climbing

There are fascinating locations to go rock climbing at the outdoor state parks, such as Millennium Park and Chicago rock climbing gyms. Chicago may look unlike a place for climbers, but there are several spots to climb around and within Millennium Park and many outdoor activities. Either you are an experienced rock climber or a new climber, you can see a rock climbing spot that is perfect for your preferences and skill level.


This rock climbing spot is undoubtedly the only spot in Millennium Park. The rock reaches forty feet at the peak and surrounds nineteen thousand feet of prime real estate located east of the Millennium Park bandshell, providing an enchanting view from the highest point. Many rock climbing styles are present, including top-rope climbing, which involves climbing with a rope fixed to the top of the wall, and bouldering, which involves climbing without using a rope. There are a few marked routes based on difficulty.

In top-rope climbing, tourists can choose to climb through auto-belaying (involves climbing with a machine) and belaying (which involves climbing with a guide that prevents you from falling by applying friction to a rope). Certified rock climbers can rent a season pass at $299, an unlimited wall space at $7 a day, and $35 per month. But for new rock climbers, obtaining the certification to climb will cost $29 for a forty-five-minute lesson.

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