The Best Destinations For Passover in 2024

Observant Jews celebrate Passover (Pesach) by hosting a seder, or special meal, to commemorate its passage through Egypt and share its story while eating unleavened bread.

Make the most of this Passover programs holiday and experience its splendor on a luxury vacation! These packages include lodging, food and day trips.


Israel can provide an unforgettable Passover celebration experience for many Jewish families, with its beautiful spring weather offering plenty of family-friendly activities like visiting the Tower of David Museum or Jerusalem’s many historic sites.

Passover (Pesach), also known as the Festival of Freedom, commemorates Israel’s freedom from slavery in ancient Egypt by refraining from eating leavened foods (chametz) and gathering for Seder rituals which recount its tale.

Kosher travel has expanded well beyond its traditional locations in Europe, South America & Israel. Now you can find Passover programs all around the globe at various resorts that typically include luxurious accommodations, meals, lectures/shiurim/entertainment/kids programming/day trips/pools etc. for example in Costa Rica Mexico Dubai!


Before Israel-Morocco normalization agreement in 2022, Morocco was already an attractive Pesach vacation spot, and demand is expected to increase significantly this year. Sarah Tours offers various Pesach programs tailored specifically for families that will meet your needs perfectly; choose between five star resort experience or intimate family trip options for the ideal Pesach experience in Morocco!

On the first night of Passover (Seder), Jewish families in Morocco gather for special meals known as Seders where they recount the story of Exodus from Egypt, along with eating unleavened bread (matzah) and four cups of wine to symbolize God’s four promises of redemption in the Torah.

One of the greatest advantages of celebrating Pesach in Morocco is being able to escape both crowds and cooking stress. Instead, you can relax and take advantage of all that the resort offers: three meals daily, snacks, tea rooms and kosher food are readily available across our hotels and resorts so no worries will be encountered in finding somewhere suitable for consumption.

South America

Passover programs is observed by refraining from eating leavened bread (chametz) for eight days and commemorating the Exodus story with a Seder meal. Many hotels and resorts that specialize in accommodating kosher travelers offer special vacation packages for Passover that feature meals and activities celebrating Jewish culture.

One prominent kosher travel company offers an immersive Provence tour, including visits to sites with historical and cultural significance. Accommodation and all meals included cost around $1,600 per person for this stay.

More Jews are opting to travel away during their holiday and visit resorts that specialize in providing kosher guests. These trips take the burden of adhering to strict kosher requirements off of them – which involves cleaning kitchen surfaces regularly and hosting hours-long dinners for family and friends off their shoulders. Some organizers take over hotel ballrooms so they can cook for all attendees simultaneously, bringing along their own rabbis and staff who will ensure everything remains kosher during their trip.


Luxury resorts and hotels throughout Europe offer Passover vacation packages offering gourmet kosher meals, Seders, religious services, entertainment programs and excursions to local attractions and sites of interest.

These programs ensure all food served complies with Jewish dietary laws and restrictions associated with Passover, such as prohibiting consumption of leavened bread (chametz). In addition, accommodations provided are certified kosher. Lastly, daily minyans for prayer services are held.

2024 is an ideal year to book an exotic or relaxing kosher-for-Passover vacation, thanks to fewer crowds and cooler temperatures. Take your pick between scenic South Africa or Israel or cosmopolitan cities such as Jerusalem or Dubai for an unforgettable and enriching experience! No matter which destination you select, 2024 promises unforgettable and fulfilling travel memories!

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