Learning to draw caricatures and the fastest caricaturist

How to draw witty caricatures? It turns out that artistic talent can be discovered in yourself at any time in life. Szczepan Sadurski, supposedly one of the fastest caricaturists in the world, makes the workshop participants aware of this

The fastest caricaturist from Poland

Newspapers in New York wrote in 2012 that Sadurski is one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. It was Sadurski’s first and one of several artistic trips to the USA to date. There, he had series of exhibitions of humorous drawings and caricatures, as well as meetings with viewers. He drew live caricatures, which he has long been famous for in Poland. Soon after, he was a special guest at the festival in Melbourne (Australia). He opened an exhibition there and drew caricatures. Also people who came to the meeting related to the promotion of the book published in Australia, illustrated by Sadurski. He received an offer from the event company to stay longer, but he had already signed contracts and had to return to Poland quickly.

Perhaps this famous caricaturist from is one of the happiest people in the world. Still seeing smiling faces at work! And professionally, he does what he has always loved: drawing and giving pleasure to others.

How to draw a caricature?

In the last 10 years, he has been invited to over half a thousand events. Sadurski created so many caricatures that if they were connected with the long edge, they would make a tower reaching to the moon! From time to time, he also receives invitations to meetings where he teaches caricature drawing.

Is it possible to learn how to draw caricatures during an hour-long meeting with an excellent caricaturist? No, but you can learn a lot of secret information from his work. Learn many interesting and funny anecdotes from Sadurski’s artistic career and laugh out loud. It turns out that people who have not held a pencil in their hands for many years and have not drawn anything discover their artistic talent during such a meeting. It happens that such a meeting becomes an inspiration, opens a person’s mind to art.

Among the many pieces of information Sadurski provides to the participants of the art workshops, there is why he begins the caricature of a human face by drawing a nose. It was this information that the producers of the well-known TV show, in which Sadurski recently appeared, liked the most. All of Poland saw Sadurski teach how to draw caricatures of participants in the “Sanatorium of Love” program.

100 seconds for one caricature

Currently, a documentary film is being made in Poland, the protagonist of which will be Szczepan Sadurski. We will learn many curiosities and anecdotes from his interesting life. Maybe we’ll also find out why Sadurski proposed Michael Jackson‘s candidacy to be the patron of the largest football stadium in Warsaw?

Warsaw capital of Poland. Interesting fact

On August 31, 1897, the Russian Tsar Nicholas II arrived in Warsaw. He arrived by train at the St. Petersburg (now Vilnius) railway station. Immediately afterwards, he drove through Plac Zamkowy and Aleje Ujazdowskie, to the palace in Lazienki. His visit to Warsaw lasted several days. Shortly after the tsar’s departure, a special committee was formed, which collected over a million rubles. The money was collected for the creation of an institution that will commemorate the stay of Tsar Nicholas II in Warsaw. When the money was collected, the tsar decided that a Polytechnic Institute would be established. Currently, it is the Warsaw University of Technology, one of the most famous universities in Warsaw.

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