Let’s celebrate your wedding day with bright glowing You + Me neon sign

Our You + Me LED wedding neon sign is gonna switch up the vibes on your big day and fill it with happy vibes only.  It’s a day that you’re gonna start a new chapter of your life with the one you’ve chosen. It’s a journey that’s filled with joyful and sweet moments. No matter how rough life may get sometimes, as long as you have each other, everything is gonna be fine. 

You + Me LED neon sign is a useful accent decor that’s also symbolic and meaningful. You get to add meaning to your big day in a very eye-catching and elegant way. This sign is made from robust quality, clear acrylic backboard, together with LED neon strips mounted on the board. These strips are secured and covered by protective polymer which not only acts as eye protector, but also allows lights to shine brighter and more beautifully. 

Neon signs are safe, and eco-friendly, illuminating decor that appeals to a majority of soon-to-be-married couples and wedding planners. It comes in 5+ sizes between 50 and 150 cm in width and available in 9 stunning color options. Make sure you measure your space, and get the correct dimensions so that Zanvis Neon can handcraft the most perfect sign for your event, and send it to your door. 

As You + Me LED neon sign is a versatile wedding decor, you can literally place this at any spot on your big day. Scroll down for more where to hang!

you + me wedding neon sign 

Look at how this couple adorned their floral, circle wedding arch with you + me wedding neon sign. It not only adds color pops, but also draws everyone’s attention to the wedding arch where the most-awaited ceremony, and gorgeous pictures will take place. 

you + me wedding neon sign

A way to impress and shine some magic on the grand entrance to your event is to hang you + me wedding neon sign. For couples who haven’t tried this, this is the time. For those who will be attending the big day, buy this to gift your friends. It’s such a refreshing present to whoever is embarking on a new chapter. I’m sure this’ll make your friends remember this for a really long time. 

you + me wedding neon sign

You + me wedding neon sign can be decorated together with faux or real floral arrangements. This way, the vibrant colors of nature are accentuated, and highlighted in a way that’s pleasant to the eyes and add an accent to the whole event.

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