LOL! Best Stand-Up Specials on Netflix

LOL! Best Stand-Up Specials on Netflix

No matter who your favorite stand-up comedian is, you can almost guarantee they have a show on Netflix these days. With some of the funniest comedians on the planet, from Aziz Ansari to Jerry Seinfeld, having Netflix specials, there’s sure to be something to tickle your funny bone. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best stand-up specials you can watch on Netflix tonight! 

1. Bo Burnham, Inside

Bo Burnham might have risen to fame with his YouTube videos, but the comedian is no stranger to Netflix, either – there are three of his shows available on the platform. However, here, we are recommending his latest special, Inside

This show features everything fans have come to expect from Burnham, including catchy songs and self-belittling humor. However, he’s also added in material about modern problems, including toxic masculinity, cancel culture, and more, making this one of the most unique stand-up specials on Netflix today.

2. Hannah Gadsby, Nanette

Australian Hannah Gadsby’s special is one of the most popular on Netflix, with stand-up fans declaring it a must-watch! The hour-long routine focuses on her childhood, and influences in her life and career choice. She also talks about her sexuality and how this links with comedy. Nanette changes the way we think about stand-up thanks to Gadsby’s fresh views!

3. Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, Oh, Hello on Broadway

You might recognize these names as the stars of Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, and if you’re a fan, you’ll be glad to know Kroll and Mulaney return to the same roles in this extended special. 

The show is likely to appeal to youngsters, as it makes a mockery of the older generation and their tendency to share racist jokes and outdated views on the world! 

4. Tom Segura: Disgraceful

Tom Segura is no stranger to Netflix specials – Disgraceful is his third show for the platform. His stage presence is what makes this show worth a watch – he appears authentic and connected to his audience throughout, unlike many shows filmed in front of a large crowd. 

The material itself is somewhat familiar but by all means funny. Disgraceful focuses on Tom’s journey into fatherhood and features plenty of jokes about political correctness that we can all relate to! 

5. Dave Chappelle, The Age of Spin

Here’s another name you’re sure to be familiar with if you watch Netflix stand-up – Dave Chappelle put out four Netflix specials in less than a year! 

Some of these shows feel a bit rushed, released in order to help Chapelle keep up his viewing figures. However, The Age of Spin is a truly spectacular piece of comedy. Of course, if you’ve watched any of Chapelle’s work before, you’ll know that there is some controversial material in there. So, it might not be the best show to watch with your nan! 

6. Aziz Ansari, Right Now

Although Aziz Ansari might have been subject to accusations of sexual harassment recently,  his name was cleared and he used his experience to create perhaps his best comedy routine to date. Right Now touches on the “Me Too” movement and other modern topics such as ‘woke’ culture. 

Spike Jonze directs the special, and he does an excellent job of allowing the audience to connect with the comedian. 

7. Donald Glover, Weirdo

Donald Glover’s Weirdo is a great watch for anyone with a somewhat childish sense of humor – there are plenty of jokes about sex and toilet humor! However, Glover also touches upon more serious topics in this routine – he may make race jokes, but he also observes how few superheroes are black, even though superhero films are one of the most popular genres. 

Viewers can also enjoy relatable content about trying to fit in when growing up, adding a human element to Glover’s routine.

8. Sarah Silverman, A Speck of Dust

Sarah Silverman’s routines can be pretty controversial and don’t appeal to everyone. She generally leaves nothing unsaid, making jokes about AIDS, the Holocaust, and other shocking subjects. 

However, A Speck of Dust is different. This routine focuses more on building a narrative about her personal life, with jokes running throughout rather than the one-liners she became known for. This special is slightly ‘safer for work’ than Silverman’s previous work! 

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