Looking to add a Unique Replica Lightsaber to Your Collection? Here are 5 Ways The Mandalorian Darksaber Stands out From the Others

Every die-hard Star Wars fan loves to expand their collection of Star Wars memorabilia and what better way to do so than to add a unique neopixel lightsaber? The lightsaber is one of the most iconic weapons of the franchise, after all. However, some lightsabers are more iconic than others and when The Mandalorian Darksaber was introduced in season two of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it became clear that the Star Wars universe will forever be changed.

Though still a lightsaber, the highly coveted Mandalorian Darksaber is unlike anything fans have ever seen before, so it makes sense that a replica of it would make a unique addition to any Star Wars collection. Below are 5 ways the Mandalorian Darksaber stands out from the other lightsabers used in the Star Wars franchise.

It was Crafted by the First Mandalorian Jedi 

Although small details of the Darksaber’s history were revealed in The Clone Wars, it wasn’t until Star Wars Rebels that the full background of the weapon was revealed. Through a narration by Fenn Rau, we got to know that Tarre Vizsla (who was the first Mandalorian to be inducted into the Jedi Order) actually built the Darksaber and this was over a millennium before the Skywalker saga.

Even then, there was tension between the Jedi and Mandalore, so the Darksaber remained in the Jedi Temple after Tarre became one with the Force. Members of House Vizsla did, however, penetrate the Temple to steal the Darksaber, which later became a central piece in the Mandalorian-Jedi war (during the twilight of the Old Republic). After the war, the weapon remained with House Vizsla and got passed down for generations till it got to Pre Vizsla.

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The Darksaber is a weapon that all Mandalorians recognise instantly. This is because of its legendary past and what it means for the future of the people.

It is the Only Black Lightsaber 

The Darksaber is unique in every sense of the word and this can be seen with its black-coloured blade. It is still the only lightsaber that has a black blade to date. In addition to this unique black colour, the Darksaber’s blade also has a pointed tip which sets it apart from the curved ends of most of the other Force users’ weapons. Since the kyber crystal itself isn’t black, it is believed that the blade’s colour comes from the builder’s (in this case Tarre Vizsla) connection to the Force.

The Darksaber’s blade also has the familiar white emitted around the blade, just like classic lightsabers. It is, however, more pronounced in terms of detail as visible ragged white lines do flow through the heart of the blade, giving it a flatter appearance. This is very much different from the rounded and thick appearance these white beams give to regular lightsabers. The Darksaber also produces sounds that are different from other lightsabers. Its swings produce soft chirping sounds while its strikes create an electric sizzle.

Its Hilt is Made of Beskar 

The Mandalorians are known to forge their weapons out of Beskar, so it makes sense that Tarre Vizsla (who is a Mandalorian) used Beskar for the Darksaber’s hilt. According to Din Djarin (an armorer), the quality of the Beskar used for the Darksaber’s hilt is unlike any he had ever encountered. He attributed this quality to the fact that the Darksaber was created by a Jedi and it was also over a thousand years old.

The hilt presents as mostly black with a very curved handle. Due to the nature of beskar, it is likely that the Darksaber’s hilt is also heavier than your typical lightsaber. Since Beskar is one of the few materials that can withstand a regular lightsaber’s strike, the Darksaber is most likely indestructible.

Ownership of the Darksaber Through Combat wins the Mandalore Throne

When Darth Maul killed Pre Vizsla and claimed the Darksaber along with the throne of Mandalore, it was implied (by dialogue) that victory in combat meant ownership of the Darksaber and Mandalore’s throne. This would later be confirmed in the second season of the Mandalorian.

It should be noted that this rule was left a bit hazy in Star Wars Rebels when Sabine Wren took the Darksaber from Maul’s cave and went on to gift it to Bo-Katan Kryze. The Book of Boba Fett did, however, clarify things when it revealed that Bo-Katan became cursed for accepting the Darksaber without a victory in combat. This error also led to the “Night of a Thousand Tears’ which left many Mandalorians scattered and in hiding.

At present, the Darksaber is in the possession of Din Djarin after he won it from Gideon in combat.

Even Non-Force Users Must Connect With The Blade

In order to wield the Darksaber, non-Force users have to first clear their minds and connect with the blade. This can be seen in Sabine Wren’s training when she was unable to wield the weapon until she let go of all her fears about her family. Her lack of focus even led to one of her wrist gauntlets being sliced off by the blade. The Darksaber only began to feel lighter when she finally accepted the responsibility of being its owner.


Since its introduction in season two of The Clone Wars, the Darksaber has become quite the fan favourite, with many fans looking to own a replica of it. The weapon’s rich and storied history only serves to make it more valuable and highly sought after. So, if a unique and valuable neopixel lightsaber is what you are looking for, then a Mandalorian Darksaber replica should definitely be at the top of your list.

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