Maby – Assist Nail Salon Operators With Customer Classification!

We launched the Maby nail app to communicate the message of ‘easy access’ to nail salon owners and nail salon customers. The application integrates intelligent features to help shop owners manage their work quickly, conveniently, and efficiently.

Gradually replace the old, ineffective management method. The app’s support team is always dedicated to taking care of customers and ready to answer any questions.

A nail salon owner wants to classify their customers using Maby. 

Your salon is crowded with many different customers, both old and new. You are wondering how to satisfy each group of objects with such a large number of guests without spending time listing and recording books. We need a solution for customer classification. Great! Maby can help you with this.

The following benefits will help you understand customer segmentation:

Target the right customers: helping you know which customers are interested in your products or services

Service improvement: allowing you to adjust your service and optimize the service to meet your customers’ needs.

Expanding opportunities: By classifying potential customers, nail salon owners can know which products and services are selling well and promote the expansion of products and services that are suitable for their salon.

In addition to the general list of all customers, Maby also supports the shop owner in managing customers according to a list of categories such as old customers, new customers, regular customers, or customers who have not returned for a long time, …

Maby helps you develop the best customer care strategy plans, helping nail salons to always keep the “intrinsic” customers. Potential customers can become loyal customers in a short time.

Moreover, with the Locator feature, Maby will help customers find nail salons near me. Since then, the shop in the area has gotten a lot of new customers, which has helped the store make a lot more money. 

There are many other benefits; nail salon owners must download Maby now to experience more!

Download the Maby app now to make your business easy.

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