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Marketing Executive – What Qualifications Do You Need To Become One?

A marketing executive is a managerial discipline that deals with the strategic management of a company’s marketing strategies and resources and the exercise of control over a company’s marketing functions and actions. The marketing executive may be called upon to deal with day-to-day problems as well as big-picture issues that affect the marketing activities of the organization. Marketing executives are usually associated with marketing research and analysis, pricing, promotion, advertising, strategic planning, and client servicing. Marketing executives can also be called upon to deal with new product development, market surveys, and evaluation of marketing programs. Even simple marketing campaigns, like those on Instagram, can benefit from an executive’s knowledge to get Instagram followers.


A typical marketing executive or marketing coordinator has the educational background and a master’s degree in business or marketing, or an equivalent. It is also common for marketing coordinators to have additional industry-specific training and certification in addition to their general business experience. Marketing coordinators and executives are typically employed by larger companies that have salespeople, accounts executives, and other marketing executives on staff.

A marketing executive may also be called upon to oversee marketing campaigns, such as a company’s advertising campaigns or promotional activities, and may be required to have marketing managers, who manage the implementation of these activities, as part of their job descriptions. Marketing managers are typically employed by smaller companies that have just one or two executives. These are organizations with less capital and marketing budgets. The roles of marketing executives and marketing managers often cross, however, so it is not uncommon for one to supervise the other.


The marketing managers of smaller companies have larger responsibilities than their larger counterparts. Usually, they will be involved in planning and carrying out advertising campaigns as well as overseeing marketing campaigns and evaluating marketing programs. They will often supervise marketing executives, as well, but only if they are both members of the same organization. In this case, the marketing manager would also have larger responsibilities than the marketing executive. The larger company usually has several positions that overlap, especially when more than one individual holds the title of a marketing manager.

What Exactly Does A Marketing Executive Job Description Include?

Depending on your line of work, you may only be responsible for a few marketing campaigns. If you are the manager of social media for one company, for instance, you may only be responsible for that particular company’s social media campaign. This is because you will be concentrating on increasing the website’s visibility and getting people to talk about it through various forms of social media outlets.

If you are a member of a larger organization and you have more freedom to choose the forms of marketing that your company engages in, then you may work closely with one or more marketing executives. Oftentimes, a marketing executive may work closely with a senior marketing manager. This means that although your duties will be determined by your specific role within an organization, you can still choose what you want to do to improve the company’s brand image or increase its overall profits. Marketing executives may work closely with department and level heads to ensure that their work does not clash with each other’s responsibilities.

In addition, marketing executives must also be skilled at identifying what their target audience is, how to reach out to this target audience, and how to effectively communicate with this target audience. As well, these professionals must be able to understand and incorporate the principles of advertising, marketing, and promotion into their work. To master the principles of these three disciplines, marketing executives must be highly skilled communicators. They must also be highly skilled sales and marketing managers and be able to work with all levels of employees effectively.


As a final note, excellent communication skills are also an important requirement if you want to find work in this field. As previously mentioned, marketing executives will often work closely with department and level heads, and it is through good interpersonal skills that you will be able to build rapport and create strong relationships with these individuals. However, without good interpersonal skills, you will find yourself constantly fighting for the same money as the more experienced employees in the department, and there will be a constant struggle between the top management and the rank-and-file employees daily. It is important for marketing executives to develop excellent communication skills to foster teamwork among employees and make the business more profitable.

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