Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks at The Pros and Cons of Getting an Outdoor Dog Kennel


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, regardless of the size or age, every dog craves fresh air and sunshine. For some, a 30-minute walk to the park isn’t enough. That’s why a lot of people have been building outdoor dog kennels for their pets. Let’s check out the pros and cons of getting an outdoor dog kennel.


  1. Keeps your home safe from damage – When your dog is young and untrained, it can poop and piss everywhere in your home. From your favorite position on the couch to the dinner table, nothing is off-limits. Even if you have a well-trained dog, it can do a lot of damage if it has separation anxiety. So, leaving it alone at home is a recipe for carnage. 

Every time you return home, you may find everything from your favorite book to your favorite pair of pants shredded and obliterated all across your home. The repair can get very costly if the anxious dog starts to target the walls or furniture. That’s where getting an outdoor dog kennel helps. Your dog gets to spend time chasing insects and looking at nature while you’re out at work or on an errand.

  1. Energy release and mental stimulation – Dogs love being outside and can use up all their expendable energy. That means they are less likely to keep you up at night and would prefer to relax beside you while you’re working. Your dog also gets a lot of mental stimulation from the sights and sounds around it. It helps to keep the dog calm, sociable, and in a good mood.   


  1. Small outdoor dog kennels can be detrimental to your pet’s health – If the outdoor dog kennel barely fits your dog, it poses a challenge to your dog’s health. Outdoor dog kennels can be expensive and that’s why most people often get a small kennel that barely fits their dog. The kennel isn’t supposed to be a permanent home and that’s why most people skimp on it. 

However, if the dog isn’t able to rest, get in or out and move properly within the kennel it’s going to cause irritation, skin problems, and injuries. Your dog would also start to associate the outdoor kennel with punishment and that’s going to affect your bond with your pet. 

  1. Maintenance – An outdoor dog kennel requires a lot of maintenance. You need to make sure the area around it has proper drainage. The kennel also needs to be cleaned regularly to keep your dog healthy and free from diseases. You may also need to change or get rid of some plants in your garden so that your dog doesn’t consume anything toxic while it’s not being monitored. 


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you assess all the pros and cons of an outdoor dog kennel before getting one. While it allows your pup to spend more time in nature, it also demands a lot of commitment and maintenance.

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