Mattress Foundation That Suits Well with The Mattress – An Overview on The Topic

Home is the place that offers respite and relaxation for people who go through a day filled with tension and workload. Only a proper mattress and the base will help such tortured minds to enjoy a peaceful napping time.

You cannot randomly select the mattress and the base as per the suggestions of your friends and dear ones. The mattress and the base that works well with their body requirement will not be the same as your body structure. Hence, research as much as possible before planning to look for the best mattress to buy.

Here are some of the mattresses base types for you to choose for your home.

Metal Bed Frame

The best mattress base that offers excellent support to the bed is the metal bed frame such as those found at This foundation is an excellent choice if you are looking for a frame that prevents the bed from sagging and also increases the shelf-life of your mattress.

Bunkie Boards

The best and the most preferred low-support option in mattress foundations is the Bunkie board. It is a wooden foundation that is slim in texture and can be used as the base for almost all kinds of mattresses. Platform beds, trundle beds, and bunk beds are placed on these Bunkie boards as they offer wonderful support to the mattress.

Box Spring

Innerspring mattresses were introduced to the world of mattresses in the 1900s. Box spring mattress bases are a popular kind of base for the innerspring mattresses from the time the mattresses were introduced. The box spring mattress bed will be designed with different structures and shapes to safeguard and support the innerspring mattresses for longer years.

Foundation Base

Unlike the other kinds of mattresses, a foundation base is a type that is designed with just wooden slats and boxes. This base will not have any spring or coil to support sitting on it without the bed. The fabric that suits well with the mattress will be placed on it and the overall unit will be tied to one another.

Adjustable Bases

As the name says, the adjustable base foundation is designed in such a way that you can easily adjust its dimension according to that of the mattress. An adjustable base can be placed underneath the mattress and can even be lifted like a hospital bed to enjoy a sense of weightlessness. This reduces the pressure on the back and the neck.

The unit may be Bluetooth-connected and can be easily handled with the help of the respective mobile app. Wall-hugging adjustable beds keep the mattress close to the nightstand.

Low-Profile Foundation

This is the tweaked version of the traditional box spring foundations that are found in the market today. The overall height of the mattress base is half the length of box springs and will offer a sense of sleeping on the floor, but not exactly on the floor.

Adjustable Foundation

As the name says, an adjustable foundation will be designed in such a way that you can easily adjust the design of the mattress as per your requirement. You can either keep it slant or can convert it into the shape of the beachside couches to enjoy relaxing sleeping time on it.

Platform Bed Frame

A platform bed has wooden rows and slats will be attached directly to the frame, hence eliminating the need for a box spring or any other such foundation. The commonly used mattress for platform bed frames is hybrid and memory foam mattresses.

The best part of the platform bed is that the wooden slats will support the complete weight of the bed, which can save you from spending extra for the addition of mattress foundation.

To conclude, the type of foundation that you need to enjoy a relaxing napping time is entirely based on the type of mattress that you own.

For instance, if you own innerspring mattress types, then box spring foundation is an ideal choice for you. If you own a Sealy mattress, then you have many options in mattress foundation. Leave a review for Sealy.

Understand your mattress’s requirement and decide to go with the best choice.  

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