Mind Numbing Facts about Heavy Duty Welding Machines

This article tells us more about heavy-duty welding machines, how to acquire a quality one, and a few factors to consider if you are planning to acquire one. A welding machine is one of the very key requirements for every professional welder. It is commonly used and ideal for hard metals such as steel.

Heavy-duty welding machines have been used in Kenya and every part of the world. This has seen the demand for them rise at a very high rate, a condition which the rapid growth and development in industrialization have catalyzed. As mentioned above, these machines are a key requirement for any professional welder.

Below are some of the key factors to consider before buying a welding machine:


Amperage measures the amount of electrical current that flows as one is heating. Considering the machine’s duty cycles, it would be best if you considered purchasing a welding machine that regulates the amount of current passing. The lengths of welds that you want to do will apply here.

35% of duty cycles are idle if you want to do long welds. Short weld duty cycles need at least 160amps to function well.


The costs of accessories linked to the different welding processes vary from consumables that offer quality welding protection and those that use gas. It would be best if you considered these two consumables costs to budget for the heavy duty welding machine price in Kenya you want to purchase.


A warranty of at least three years is ideal for your welding machine. Consider also if your supplier is legitimate and may repair your machine in case of malfunctions.

Replacement spares

Replacement parts are available depending on where your machine was manufactured. It would be best if you considered buying machines from countries that supply their products to most parts of the world. This is because such manufacturers avail their spares at surplus; hence it’s easy and faster to repair.


The machine’s weight is crucial depending on whether you’ll work in a fixed location or move it if you get a work order in a different place outside your workshop premises.

Welding processes

It would be best if you considered purchasing a machine that you have the ability and skills to control.

Materials for welding

Welding machines vary depending on the materials one wants to weld. Stainless, aluminium, and steel are ideal for repairing light materials. Heavy materials require duty cycles of up to 40% and 200amps.

Power supply

110, 240, or 415v are examples of power supplies you should decide to choose from. Power available at your home and workshop best suits the type of machine you should choose.

Explanation of welding processes

  • It will depend on the materials you want to weld.
  • Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel require the MIG weld process.
  • Cast iron, steel, and stainless still also require STICK/AR/MMA welding


The different process of welding determines the type of machine you should buy. Professional welders require welding machines that rhyme with the type of materials they will weld. This article contains useful information that can be used when making a purchase and may also be useful for reference.




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