Most common cause of traumatic brain injury

Over 50,000 people die due to traumatic brain injury in the United States, which accounts for 34% of all traumatic deaths annually. The painful memory of Natasha Richardson’s death is still lingering in our minds. On a vacation in Canada, she hits her head on an icy slope while enjoying skiing with her family.

Mostly, sporting events, few activities related to action events, homicides, and vehicle-related accidents cause traumatic brain injury. A falling object from heights or the floor of a building (on a person) sometimes causes fatal traumatic brain injury, and it might lead to sudden death.

Causes of traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury is caused by an external force that damages and injures the brain. It happens mostly due to a sporting activity when the person’s head is hit, bumped into the surface, and twisted or jolted in the air. In some homicidal cases, when the brain is hit by a bullet or hammered by a heavy weapon or material causes traumatic brain injury.

Several times motor vehicle-related crash leads to a traumatic brain injury, and hospitalization causes many cases with permanent damage to health.

Most victims are a young population

Unfortunately, the brunt of traumatic brain injury is faced by the younger population is greater when compared to other age groups.

35,000 People age between 25 to 45 lost their lives because of fatal traumatic brain injuries last year.

As we know, the leading cause of Traumatic brain injury is vehicle crashes and traffic-related accidents.

These days youth are crazy for speed and action while driving their vehicle, they met unfortunate incidents in their life like the Paul Walker incident. Identically Firearm injury and metal road injury to head while engaging in a fistfight or burglary.

Some shocking numbers

Around 230,000 people are hospitalized annually with a fatality rate of approximately 25%. Sadly over 90,000 suffered long-term disabilities. Around 5.3 million men, women, and children in the United States are living with Traumatic brain injury problems.

The rate of Traumatic brain injury is high in men compared to women. For Americans who live with Traumatic brain injury disability, managing the financial burden is an uphill task. Life-long impairment and disability to various parts of the body due to traumatic brain injury are critical, and the cost for the treatment is immense.

However, in the United States, Traumatic brain injury-related deaths are substantially declined to 20 percent comparing 40 years before. Timely hospitalization and safety measures like wearing helmets while riding the bike and on construction sites reduced the death ratio compared to previous decades.


In the United States, several factors are responsible for traumatic brain injuries – luckily, the cases are declined in this decade. However, the new trend in the increase in gun violence all around the nation is a worrying trend, and the number of Traumatic brain injury fatalities on the rise for the last few years. However, proper management of the usage of headgear and helmets at construction sites prevented a large chunk of the fatalities related to traumatic brain injury.

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