OANDA Forex Review vs. FP Markets Legitimacy: A Comparative Analysis

In the world of online trading, selecting the right brokerage can be a pivotal decision. Two names that frequently appear on traders’ radars are OANDA and FP Markets. In this comprehensive review, we will dissect OANDA’s offerings and reputation, while also addressing the burning question: “Is FP Markets legit?” lets read about what OANDA Forex review has to say.

OANDA Forex Review

Pros of OANDA:

  1. Longevity and Reputation: OANDA has been in currency trading since 1996, establishing credibility and integrity. Their history proves their stability.
  2. Regulation and Security: OANDA is regulated by prominent authorities, including as the CFTC in the US and the FCA in the UK. This regulatory control gives dealers confidence.
  3. Trading system: OANDA offers various trading systems, including their own OANDA Trade and the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4). These platforms are easy to use for all traders.
  4. Competitive Spreads: OANDA is known for its competitive spreads, which can be appealing to traders looking to minimize trading costs.
  5. Educational Resources: OANDA provides traders with a wealth of educational resources, including webinars, articles, and video tutorials. This is valuable for both novice and experienced traders looking to enhance their skills.

Cons of OANDA:

  1. Limited Product Offering: While OANDA specializes in forex trading, it offers a relatively limited selection of other assets compared to some other brokers. If you want to trade a wide variety of markets, OANDA might not be the best choice.
  2. Lack of Bonuses: OANDA doesn’t offer promotional bonuses or incentives, which can be a drawback for traders who prefer such perks.

Is FP Markets Legit?

Addressing the question of legitimacy is crucial when considering a brokerage. FP Markets is a broker that has gained attention in the industry, and it’s essential to evaluate its legitimacy.

FP Markets is indeed a legitimate brokerage. ASIC and CySEC are its main regulators. These regulatory bodies ensure that FP Markets adheres to strict financial standards and follows best practices. Moreover, FP Markets has been in operation since 2005, which underscores its reliability. Lets learn is FP Markets legit or not?

FP Markets Review

Pros of FP Markets:

  1. Multiple Trading Platforms: Trading systems from FP Markets include MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and IRESS. This variety lets traders pick their ideal platform.
  2. Competitive Pricing: FP Markets is known for its competitive spreads and low commissions, making it attractive to cost-conscious traders. Their pricing structure can lead to reduced trading expenses over time.
  3. Wide Range of Markets: FP Markets provides access to a diverse array of markets, including forex, stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more. This breadth of options is ideal for traders seeking portfolio diversity.
  4. Regulation: As mentioned earlier, FP Markets is well-regulated, which adds a layer of security for traders.

Cons of FP Markets:

  1. Complex Fee Structure: Some traders might find FP Markets’ fee structure a bit complex, as it involves various factors, including spreads and commissions. It’s essential to thoroughly understand the cost implications of your trading activities.
  2. Limited Educational Resources: Compared to some other brokers, FP Markets offers fewer educational resources. Traders who rely heavily on educational content may need to supplement their knowledge elsewhere.


In the OANDA Forex Review vs. FP Markets Legitimacy showdown, both brokers offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. OANDA boasts a long-standing reputation, competitive spreads, and a variety of educational resources, making it a solid choice for forex traders. On the other hand, FP Markets shines with its wide range of tradable assets, multiple trading platforms, and competitive pricing.

Regarding FP Markets’ legitimacy, it is indeed a legitimate and regulated brokerage, adhering to the stringent requirements of ASIC and CySEC. However, you must thoroughly assess your trading aims and preferences before choosing a broker. Market variety, trading platforms, and cost structures should influence your decision. Ultimately, the best choice between OANDA and FP Markets will depend on your specific trading needs and objectives

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