Overlapping Teeth Stopping You from Smiling? Not Anymore, Know How!

A smile is something that shows an individual’s personality and confidence. However, various orthodontic      issues can prevent a person from showing off their smile, and one such reason is overlapping teeth

Overlapping teeth is one of the most common orthodontic issues that people face today. Moreover, overlapping teeth is a type of misalignment of your teeth that can be of worry. Firstly, they may lead to orthodontic issues such as gum problems, difficulty in brushing and flossing, Cavity, overbite, underbite etc. In addition, it further increases the risk of tooth decay. Secondly, overlapping teeth may have a direct impact on a person’s personality, as mentioned earlier.

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What are the Causes of Overlapping Teeth?

Overlapping teeth can be caused by various reasons such as genetic issues, childhood habits such as thumb sucking, etc. Sometimes, it can also occur if an individual’s jaw size is small, which can cause the teeth to overlap. 

So, now let’s look at how we can treat overlapping teeth and not let it stop you from showing off your smile. 

How to Treat Overlapping Teeth without Any Hassle

Although various options such as traditional braces, tooth extraction, and clear aligners are easily available to treat overlapping teeth, it is best to go forward with clear aligners for a quick, painless, and hassle-free treatment. Let’s see why. 

How Do Clear Aligners Treat Overlapping Teeth?

Clear aligners are almost like invisible plastic trays used for treating various orthodontic      issues such as overlapping teeth, misaligned teeth, etc. They have recently gained popularity and are now one of the most recommended ways to treat Orthodontist Te Awamutu problems. While they are not 100% invisible, they are flexible, custom-made trays that fit your teeth. As a result, they are far less noticeable and less painful than traditional metal braces.

Advantages of Invisible Aligners for Treating Overlapping Teeth

There are various advantages to using invisible aligners for treating overlapping teeth, such as:

1.They Don’t Let You Feel Hesitant

One of the significant advantages of invisible aligners is that they are hardly visible to the naked eye, unlike traditional braces. This, in turn, doesn’t make people conscious of their treatment. As a result, they can be more confident and transform their smile in a much more carefree way!

2.You Can Eat Your Favourite Food

Yup! That is right! With clear aligners, you can munch on your favourite food with no restrictions. In comparison, traditional braces have many restrictions on the food items that you can eat. For example, one might be restricted to eating hard or chewy food items as it can cause damage to the traditional braces’ brackets. 

3.Convenient and Completely Removable 

While traditional braces are completely stuck on your teeth, clear aligners are more convenient and completely removable, making sure that you can maintain good oral health. In addition, with clear aligners, it becomes much easier to brush, clean, and floss your teeth. 

Overlapping teeth should not be overlooked and should be treated with proper care and attention. After all, perfectly aligned teeth, for sure, enhance your smile. Adequate treatment means a reputed, trustworthy, and unfailing brand with good results and affordable clear aligners such as toothsi. With toothsi, one does not have to worry about the treatment or the cost. Additionally, they provide ideal at-home treatment solutions, and you don’t even need to step out of your house. So, don’t wait and just book an online appointment with toothsi and start your treatment today! 

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