Planning a trip to Canada? Consider These 5 Interesting Tips

A trip can rejuvenate you from within by helping you take a break from your mundane life. Moreover, trips help you to reset and start your life afresh. One such visit-worthy destination is Canada. It is a great place for adventure-driven tourists like you. Full of forests, treks, parks and water bodies, it is a great destination for the travelling souls.

Canada is stacked up with amazing views, great people and fun adventures for you to explore. If you are planning or have already planned a trip to Canada, there are a few things that you can add to your checklist, including travel insurance in Canada. So, just cross-check once to ensure you haven’t missed out on anything important.

Make your trip memorable and more relaxing by considering a few simple tips along with travel insurance in Canada. We have collated a few of them for you:

1. Plan Your Stay

If you are travelling to Canada in the peak seasons, it is strongly advisable to make accommodation and other bookings in advance; otherwise, you might end up paying extra and disturbing your travel budget.


Before beginning your trip to Canada, ensure that you have completed all the formalities that are necessary to enter the country. You must also check if you need to have an ETA (electronic travel authorisation) visa to be permitted to visit Canada or just a regular tourist VISA. Thus, make sure you have got everything approved and set before you commence your trip to Canada.

3. Prepare For the Weather Conditions

Known for its intense winter conditions, you must keep a check on the rapidly changing weather in Canada. Be prepared for the closed road due to avalanches and snowstorms in case you have planned a road trip for a day. Also, make sure your vehicle is properly equipped with snow tires. It would be best to pack your clothes considering the weather conditions as the temperature varies from place to place in Canada. Nevertheless, winterwear is essential, along with a waterproof jacket and snow boots, making sure you at least have these.

4. Have The Emergency Numbers

If you have bought travel insurance for Canada from India, you can connect with the insurance companies for local assistance in the country. But it is essential to have the emergency numbers of the cities you are planning to visit. In Canada, it is the same as the United States that is 911. For non-emergencies, tourists can also dial 311 in certain areas such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax, and Winnipeg.

5. Travel Insurance In Canada

Regardless of your country of origin, staying covered under the travel insurance in Canada is very important. Moreover, while travelling to a foreign nation, it is always a better idea to travel with practical safety measures and arrangements for tackling challenging situations such as baggage loss/delay, medical emergency including COVID 19 and others. Otherwise, you might have to bear the inconvenience and difficulties, and incur considerable costs. And for buying such critical travel insurance plans, it is preferable to choose reliable insurance companies such as TATA AIG. They have a presence in more than 190 countries, making it easier for them to assist their clients in difficult times, irrespective of wherever they are. Moreover, their other significant benefits include tailored travel insurance plans, speedy claim settlement, instant issuing of policy and 24*7 customer services. For knowing about their services and travel insurance plans in detail, head to their website!

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